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Old Yesterday, 04:23 AM
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Well, I am not sure. The portal vein dumps into the liver at one end and it receives blood from its messentary tributaries that wraps the colon, if you look at the picture in the Wiki link I provided. If you are really toxic perhaps it has created an overload, causing inflammatory responses.

But on the other had, hemorrhoids can be caused simply from strain.

So what is in that vein stuff you just purchased?

An old time treatment for hemorrhoids is compresses of pure witch hazel, found in most pharmacies. Hamamelis is merely the homeopathic preparation.
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Old Yesterday, 04:31 AM
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I took this 3 times. It worked very well the first time and lasted for about 4 months. The second and third time were worthless. But I'm a real hard case. Few things work for me very long. I seem to become immune to things rapidly. Too expensive to keep trying. ...but check it out, if you find you need something other than Venapro.

Consists of:

1. NEEM (Margosa)

Neem is a common tree in India. It is a powerful blood purifier, detoxifier and is known for its antiseptic properties. Almost every part of the tree; bark, leaves, roots and flowers have been used in Ayurvedic medicines for more than 4500 years. Numerous studies have demonstrated neem's antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects among other properties. The use of neem is expected to grow widely in years ahead.

2. NAGKESAR (Mesua Ferrea)

This shrub grows in the Himalayas and Southern Indian forests up to 5,000 feet in elevation. The flowers, leaves, roots and bark are used in many medicines, In PILEX, an extract is combined with the other two ingredients to achieve the optimum effectiveness of the product.

3. BARBERRY (Berberis Aristata)

Barberry grows in the Himalayas from 6,000 to 11,000 feet in elevation. It is a thorny shrub with yellow wood and whitish or pale gray branches. Many parts of the bush; fruit, bark, stem and wood have been used over a long period in different medicines.

Numerous studies have been revealed that these herbs have played major roles in Ayurvedic medicines sine time immemorial. These products are known to be extremely effective with little or no side effects. Approximately 700 medicinal plants were known to early Hindu physicians.

- Jim
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Old Yesterday, 05:46 AM
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Well in some instances I too have been finding it hard to find something that works everytime. Thing is though others I seem to have eliminated and cured things entirely. All seems to depend on cause.

Oddly enough I think this is relevent to the cures thread comment I made. That when we have difficulty finding cures from the outside world we must start looking at our behaviour, beleifs, personality. And lately I have found nerver treatments like Osteopathy/ Cranial Osteopathy very useful and after reading about breathwork I am convinced it is the missing link for many of us.

As you pointed out in your hemms they keep coming back. Ergo you must switch around things. But to me that suggests its something deeper inside of your very self that must be addressed. Thos stress is simply overcoming the measn by which you are treating the physical manifestaions of it and so adapts and comes out again. After all these symptoms are a sign something is wrong. We all seem to know that here which is why we come here prefering natural means as opposed to alleviating symptoms with chemicals which we know can do us more harm than good.

Question is are we doing the same thing just using herbs, homepathy and nutrients? For many of us this may well be the case. Others it may very well be the last we see of that suffering. I am a strong advocate of Auric and karma cleansing. I have not mentioned it here before because it is such a volatile topic. And even I have noticed I continue to have negative anxiety issues. But I am quickly becoming aware it is not because the karma clearing, auric clearing has not worked. I never doubted it. But likely because there is still energy stored in my body which must be released. That is the core of all healing and cures. To release the negative energy causing suffering.

That is the true way to actually cure ourselves in the most holistic sense. And so to this end I beleive medicine should not be the catalyst but the accompanyment to our internal healing.
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Lodestar, Have you looked into bach flower remedies yet? According to what I have read, it somehow deals with the bodys energy.... Im not sure I understand it, I have always been a bit curious, so when I was doing some reading to try and help my daughter with some severe depression she was dealing with, we turned to this treatment.... I have to admit, her response to these remedies has been astounding!! Where two weeks ago, I was wondering if I had to worry about whether or not she would try to commit suicide, to last night, she commented that she actually feels happy... something I havent heard her say in years!!!! I told her, that we needed to do more reading, maybe we can find a remedy for this overtired grandmom to quit being so grouchy!!! Might be something worth looking into for you too... Here is what wiki says about it....

Here is another site, that helps you decide which remedy you would need, and more info
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