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Default Blood platelette count too high?

It seems strange, that I have one grandson, that cant make blood platelettes, now today, we are finding out that another grandson (8 months old) has a too high blood platelette level.... Yesterday's reading was 512 thousand. The little bit of research that I did last night, is saying that pharmaceuticals is the only way to fix it.... I remember reading on one of the boards that there are alternative ways to thin the blood... besides giving blood, they wont let an eight month give blood (boy would we want that blood for the other grandson) I know we could use vitamin E, but how do you figure out how much to give an eight month old??? We need a game plan that we can give to the doctor, and hopes he will go for it!!!

(All I can say, is boy when it rains, it pours!!! Good thing we know, that God has it all in control!!!)
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I'm just taking a stab in the dark here but how about low-dose fish oil? Baby-formula and baby-food is often fortified with DHA (because of it's beneficial effect on brain and ocular health). But, it is also known that fish oil can benefit circulation.

Your doctor may be willing to try this out since low-dose fish oil is likely to be in his realm of knowledge. But, even if (s)he does accept this approach, I don't know if it will sufficiently thin the blood (by making the platelets less sticky).

Another possibility might be for the mother of this baby to supplement with fish oil. Perhaps, if the baby is being breast-fed, this would help indirectly.

Please keep in mind that these are just well-intentioned guesses. I really don't know if they're viable solutions.
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