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Default Saltwater "cures Kids Colds"

"The study lasted for 12 weeks in the winter of 2006. Children given the salt water spray got it six times a day initially and three times a day in the latter part of the study when the investigators were looking at whether it would prevent symptoms from redeveloping.

"The noses of children given the spray were less stuffy and runny the second time they were checked, the study said.

"And eight weeks after the study began, those in the saline group had significantly fewer severe sore throats, coughs, nasal obstructions and secretions than those given standard treatments.

"Fewer children in the saline group had to use fever-reducing drugs, nasal decongestants and mucus-dissolving medications or antibiotics, the researchers said.

"In addition children who used the salt spray were sick less often and missed fewer school days.",00.html

I recall reading a study (it may have even been on this forum) on the effect of cold temperatures and the probability of getting colds and flu. It was determined that temperature did not make a difference but rather that changes in humidity had an definite effect. So it could be that it was just the use of a mist that reduced the colds in this study and not the fact that it was a saline solution.

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