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Default Magic Pill?

Here's a site for a pharmaceutical company that is
working on a new class of meds called A.G.E. Crosslink


I'm interested in it's BP lowering characteistics because
it shows little or no bad effects on the body. I don't like
having to take BP meds that show possible big downsides.

Maybe Ponce de Leone got here too early. :wink:
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Default BP!

I'm just a bit skeptical of ANY Pharma Co's product,
Jack Pine.

Have you really given large daily doses of fresh garlic
a good try? Also goodly amounts of fresh onions? The
onions can be cooked, and the garlic softened by light
steaming or cooking.
May you always have..Love to Share, Health to Spare, and Friends that Care!
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bifrost99 will become famous soon enough

Take note!!!

AGE - Advanced Glycosylation End-products

These are the body's own molecules rendered dysfunctional or even non-functional by glycosylation -- binding with glucose!

So instead of using a drug to break the glycosylation bonds, it's better to prevent those bonds from forming in the first place.

Control blood sugar!

By diet, or more easily, by exercise/physical activity.

Physical activity causes muscles to absorb blood glucose without the need for insulin. This is best, because insulin itself does not guarantee drop in blood sugar if cells are not responsive (chromium deficiency?).

So it seems the magic pill still is exercise/physical activity. :wink:

Maybe that's why my 140/100 BP goes down to normal with a round of squats or a 24 hour fast?

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