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Default hyphae fugal form candida strings

this form of candida has finger like protrusions that dig deep into tissues of the colon walls forming pockets causing leaky gut syndrome like diverticulitis.

is there a way to fully recover from these pockets? i believe i have diverticulitis also and herd its unrepairable.
my colon doctor i showed the candida strings to said oh that's just mucous plauqe he obviously new nothing about them. the 3 natural paths had never seen or herd of them also. yet there's photos of them all over the net from people with health issues. you wont know you have em till you fast and do enemas.
please post any info on the subjects.
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anyone know of any good free protocols, with all the fake reviews and ebook and supplements sales its hard to find real help. Also i almost bought threelac but learned its dangerous and illegal in canada avoid it. avoid products that have big advertisements
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Here's a post with some info on diverticulitis that may be helpful to you...https://www.natmedtalk.com/f74/21328-...ticulosis.html
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My daughter is on some pretty high amounts of Nystatin. Maybe some diflucan would be helpful too - for I am NOT sure how long she can stay on it??

She is OFF of wheat, rye, barley and oats. She does have a sensitivity. We also have to be careful of additives/personal products that contain gluten. NO CORN! In any way, shape or form. EVER. NEVER. OR SOY.

She no longer ingests sugar and anything close to it.

She is doing the Phase I of Doug Kaufmann's diet. Along with eating for her blood type.

It isn't easy, changing your diet - for there are always those addictions! But try to focus on diet, imo. While healing the gut! Probiotics are very helpful here.
Many people believe that quinoa is a grain; it is actually a seed and is a relative of leafy green veggies like spinach. Quinoa is loaded with manganese and magnesium. Quinoa is great for Phase 1 dieting.

When going on the Phase 1 diet for weight loss, serious health problems, or just to be healthier, try changing instead of substituting. Go off all grains (including the alternative grains), corn, potatoes, and sugar for a month. Eat lean, grass fed meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and the few fruits allowed on Phase 1. You may find after a month that you feel so good that you don't miss conventional or alternative grains.https://www.knowthecause.com/index.ph...prouted-grains
Good luck!!



This site looks very helpful, too:


Here is some of the article:

2. KILL THE FUNGUS OUTRIGHT. The prescriptive pharmaceutical agents Diflucan and Nystatin are frequently mentioned as powerful, sometimes necessary anti-fungals depending on the severity of the infection. Many completely safe natural over the counter anti-fungals can work well, too. Favorites are caprylic acid and olive leaf extract. Other typical naturals mentioned include grapefruit seed extract, oregano and 10 Undecenoic acid, among others. Emphasized is the importance of using one or two at a time on a rotating basis so that the fungus cannot adapt to any of them rendering them useless.
It is emphasized that BOTH steps — STARVING and KILLING the fungus must be undertaken at the same time and that the diet must be followed religiously for a period of time. Vigilance in both starving and killing the fungus is paramount.

3. SUPPORT THE IMMUNE SYSTEM with probiotics and beta glucan. (We can add exercise here, too. Doug lives and teaches exercise as a critical component of good health.)
ETA: It is a long and slow life change. I have read that the BAD bacteria can become immune to the protocol in use. You must be vigilant. Remain Strong. Some people have issues all their lives - I believe my daughter will be one. She must watch her diet, keep her gut healthy and follow different regimens. We have alot of Oil of Oregano. Grape Seed products, Olive Leaf, GARLIC, pau d'arco tea, and high dosage of Vitamin C.

Another site of information: https://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/c...ndida-albicans

I saw a blog from one woman that feels eliminating the candida could fuel a regrowth that is far worse. I understand there is a need for SOME candida, but she never suggests helpful information when there is an overgrowth causing other symptoms/disease. Always consult a nutritionist, dietician, some type of professional that can advise.

Found another site that looks interesting: https://www.naturalnews.com/023191_ca...d_glucose.html
1) Inhibiting the Candida itself is the simplest step to address. It involves using substances that will inhibit Candida without any harm to the person.
Traditionally, I have used Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas Yellow Dock Combination. This formula is only sold in the bulk now because of its content of comfrey (which I believe to be integral to its effectiveness and desirable in any type of yeast problem). Although it is available encapsulated, the ingredients are different from the bulk formula. I use the powdered bulk formula either stirred into juice or encapsulated.

I also like bayberry and everyone uses Pau d' Arco, which is certainly effective.

These herbs together or separate will inhibit Candida growth. This is helpful, though not necessarily vital, to the overall Candida battle. I would probably use all three of the above options in small doses every day for the two weeks.

When any of my young children get thrush, we always have cured it in just a day or two with white oak bark tea (placed on the nipple and in the mouth of the baby). White oak bark is strongly anti-fungal. White oak bark is in the Yellow Dock Combination.

This is pretty much all I do from a standpoint of a direct attack on Candida. I do not use Colloidal Silver because it is such an indiscriminate killer.

2) Healing the immune system to respond to the problem involves several levels of healing activity.

These steps are as follows:

a. Flora replacement is done with rejuvelac. Our method of using rejuvelac in smoothies for optimal value is treated in detail in Traci's Transformational Kitchen Recipe Collection, found on (www.bestfoodist.com) .

The prudent use of fruit and why it is vital to use during Candida troubles is treated later in this article.

In addition to replacing the over 300 varieties of flora in the gut with rejuvelac, it is important to feed the new seedlings (metaphorically speaking) plenty of healthy fertilizer and superfoods. This means lots of raw vegetation (flora eats the cellulose we cannot digest) and lots of inulin. Inulin is extracted from burdock or elecampane root by decocting it for several hours (instructions for decocting are found in Preparations Printout available free on (www.KalsSchool.com) on the Downloads page under Free Info).

b. Immune foods are the next step. This always means a superfood containing at least spirulina and seaweeds, but the immune food I use most in my practice is what I call I-Charge (Immune-Charge). This is made from equal parts of specially prepared tinctures of garlic, cayenne and Echinacea (you can email me to get the recipe).

In addition to this, lots of healthy minerals from sea salt, seaweeds and mineral springs (such as TJ Clark Mine produces in Utah) will replace minerals needed as markers and ingredients for key immune response systems and components.
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