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Default liver congestion or something else ?

hi everyone , ive alreadyy posted something similar on the mens health forum about this but thought i might get more responses on this one , thing is ive been having alot of pain and discomfort coming from my liver for about a week now other than pain which im getting in my upper right abdo and in my back im also getting spasms and gurgling like noises thats worse when i lay on my back its similar to stomach grumbling but on the other side around my ribs and when i press into it theres some throbbing going on

- i have been using colloidal silver about a week before this at 10ppm i was taking 4table spoons a day for candida / prostate issues and definatley has been killing off stuff because i been getting the usual die off symtpoms like headaches sweats achy muscles tirendess ect , slight increase in prostate pain but urination has been stronger but this liver pain has come on and is constant , ive stopped the silver for a few days and have been taking milk thistle since monday and theres only a slight change , it worsens if i take painkillers aswell so this is really annyoing likei cant take pain meds or the silver at the mo coz this liver thing ,

ive read many people have taken way more than this and havent read this happen to anybody else and was wondering what anyone thought on this - i wana continue the silver but if this is gonna get worse than its not worth i spose unless this is a die off symptom i dont no really - i have MMS aswell and am unsure if tht will worsen this . any thoughts anyone id be well greatful for a response .
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How anyone feels when taking something to detox depends on how toxic they are to begin with.

A couple of years ago I could tolerate so little that I would put 1 drop of homeopathy to detox from something into 8 oz. of water -- take one sip -- and throw the rest away. I could end up in the ER is serious trouble if I took more than that. Things have improved now and I can take about half of what would be a "normal" dose, but I'm very cautious about anything that detoxes and tend to start small and ramp up until I find whatever dosage I can tolerate.

So if this hasn't happened to anyone else you know of, you may just have more going on than they do.

I mostly keep telling myself "better out than in!" and remember the rate at which I can handle detox just is what it is for me, and that everyone's different.

As you detox you'll be able to take more, and hey, that's just a way to measure that you're making progress!

I think I already responded in the other thread, but if you're having to take painkillers to deal with the detox, you're actually slowing down the detox, so in part you'll be spinning your wheels. It might be worth considering dialing back on your silver dosage so it's to the point you can tell something is going on, but at least you can function through it.

Oh, I think I forgot to mention foods like oatmeal and stewed apple are good for helping toxins pass out the intestines.

Stewed apple is great in the morning (I learned this from an Ayurvedic doc) - cut an organic apple in quarters and core it. Leave the peels on. Put 1 whole clove into each quarter, put in a pan with about 1/4 inch water, simmer covered for 5 minutes. You can eat the peel or not, but if you eat this first thing in the morning it slides through the alimentary canal taking junk out on it's way through. Apparently it's better if you have a sweet variety rather than a tart one. I'm sorry I can't recall why that would be so.

Stewed apple is also mighty tasty.
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