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Default Viral Infections & Vitamin C

Anitbiotics cannot do anything against any viral infection. That includes
all colds and flu's and this.

There is one simple thing to do with viruses. Large, really large (to most)
doses of ascorbic acid vitamin C. That's the cheapest form with a little
bit of bioflavinoids added.

I have had emphysema for over 40 years, and when I get a cold, it settles in
my lungs and I'm coughing for a month. So, I take drastic measures (that

If I even suspect that I might have caught anything, a tickling in the back
of the throat, a sneeze, or cough that can't be explained, here's my

Start taking 4000 mg (4 grams) of C every 15 minutes for one hour. Most
people will reach "bowel tolerance" (diarrhea) in that time. If so, quit or
cut down to 2 grams per hour for a few hours (to make sure that it's all

Why 15 minute intervals? Well, here's one fact that MD's don't know, or
have forgotten. Viruses (and most bacterias) actually multiply in a binary
way. They double in size about every 20 minutes. If you know anything
about binary multiplication, you know that it's fast.

So, by taking it every 15 minutes, you have killed off a majority of whtever
it is in the blood, and not allowed it to multiply with the first dose,
thenn when you reach bowel tolerance (your body is "overloaded") and doesn't
need any more, then only a few viral (orm bacterial cells are left to clean
up before they start to multiply again.

Diarrhea isn't exactly pleasant, but isn't dangerous or deadly in any way,
and it means that your body has enough C (for the moment. If you don't ever
get to bowel tolerance, keep it up until you do. Then, you'll find that it

Less doesn't work. Let's say that you take only 1000 mg (after all that's a
lot because the RDA is only 75 mg. That's the big lie of the FDA and Big
Pharma. Check with a zoo vet, and you'll find that for a 150 pound ape (a
primate just like us) the RDA is 4000 mg per day!!.

Now, assume that your virus has been cut in half (not likely with only 1
gram, but for arguments sake). 20 minutes after you take it, the virus is
back up to original strength, and at the end of the first hour, it's grown
to somewhere between 2 and 4 times its original strength.

I'd do the same for any virus, and get rid of all vaccines. They're often
more dangerous than the disease, particularly if you know about vitamin C.
It's cheap, and it's what almost all animals except we primates use to not
die of bacterial and viral diseases.

Would you believe that about 65 million years ago, primates (Us and apes)
lost one enzyme that is needed to transform SUGAR (glucose) in the blood
into vitamin C as needed. With the amounts of sugar we all consume today,
if we had that enzyme, we'd be the healthiest of all animals. Oh well.

"We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." ~Immanual Kant~

NatMedTalk and Beyond
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