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Default Could i take these 3 things on the same day?


I have started drinking wheatgrass juice and feel pretty good, it's good to get some fresh greens into me, i would also like to drink organic apple cider with the mother and organic coconut oil for my dry hair and skin.

I wouldn't mix them all together as i imagine it would taste disgusting but was wondering if it would be fine to take all 3 at different times of the day?

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I agree. Mixing them together would be disgusting. Might not even be beneficial. They are each excellent supplements though. The wheatgrass is an alkaline (base) pH. The ACV is an acid. The combination would be neutralizing, therefor little benefit. I would not even take wheatgrass within an hour of food, or at least a half hour. You want your stomach acid to be strong for digestion. I sometimes take 2 tablespoons of ACV in water before or with my meal. This helps digestion.

Although I like wheatgrass, I prefer chlorella. I feel like I'm getting more chlorophyll. And I do need that, because I tend to not eat as many vegetables as I should.

Coconut oil is, in my opinion, a modern miracle food. There is no problem to take that with or near either the wheatgrass or the ACV.
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Thanks for the advice

I might try the wheatgrass and coconut oil daily for a while.

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Sounds gross if combined together :P I would do ACV 15-20 min before food to fire up the pot (stomach) so to speak and I would only do this if my HCL was low and consuming a meal high in protein. taking the coconut oil and wheatgrass together is not a bad idea as will help get the fat soluble Vit in to you I think taking the wheatgrass and coconut oil with a good digestive enzyme that contains lipase, cellulose would be good to optimise digestion and absorption. good luck post your experienses :-)
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