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Default Red in Stool in MMS. Please help.

I've noticed dark red in my stools while on MMS. Is it blood or something else? Is it common? Is it bad? Please help.

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Dark red is probably blood, unless you can explain it by something you ate.

How much is there? I have had blood in my stool off and on for years, but not massive amounts. It is from Crohn's Disease in my case.

If you think the MMS is causing this, then you should quit using it and see if it clears out.

I can't think any reason why it would cause this, but better safe than sorry.

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Can't you tell if it is blood? Maybe you should see a doctor. Although I don't think MMS caused this if you have some internal hemorrhoids it could cause it. Could it be some poorly digested food?

MMS entered the system long befor it could get to the colon. If bleeding is up high in the digestive track the stool will look tarry black. Bright red is occuring very low in the digestive system, either lower colon or rectum, as with hemorrhoids.
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Likely blood and worth getting it looked at. I juice 1 large beet nearly every day, along with some other veggies, and it certainly makes your stool red, so perhaps it could be something in your diet if you are aware of it.
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mine was like that too but I saw no blood it eventually went away
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Blood in stool while on MMS usually indicate worms/parasites being removed from the body. Once most worms/parasites are gone, blood in stool usually stops.
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