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Default yeast infection

any suggestions on what to do for a yeast infection besides OTC creams and suppositories?
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D Bergy will become famous soon enough

I do not know any remarkable cures but I do know one cause of yeast infections. If you take long baths it removes your natural acidity which protects you from yeast infection.

D Bergy
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Default Yeast Infection

You can help to kill them by taking oregano oil or caprylic acid, or a combination supplement with several things like that in it.
To prevent further trouble:
-Eliminate simple sugars from your diet
-Take a good Probiotic daily (at least 15 billion live organisms per dose and at least 8 strains)
- eat plenty of garlic and plain yogurt
-if you have a holistic doc, get him/her to prescribe you some compounded boric acid suppositories. Use once every two weeks for prevention, or twice weekly for treatment. You will need a light pad for two days after insertion.

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Sharon, this is a post from a rife forum I belong to. I would really look into colloidal silver. First part is about frequency therapy and down towards the bottom of the page is about colloidal silver. If you choose to do it it will be a long term treatment, several months a least, So you should consider purchasing a colloidal silver maker. You would need to take probably 6 to 8 ounces daily at 10ppm.


This week we will begin testing our best sets for Candida along with ionized silver supplementation.

Early testing has yielded positive reports when combining these two protocols.

This is the set we are currently running:

#38 minutes

#Candida albicans, and other strains of Candida are yeast that normally inhabits our digestive system: the mouth, throat, intestines and genitourinary tract. Candida is a normal part of the bowel flora (the organisms that naturally live inside our intestines, and are not parasitic). It has many functions inside our digestive tract, one of them to recognize and destroy harmful bacteria. Without Candida albicans in our intestines we would be defenseless against many pathogen bacteria. Healthy person can have a millions of Candida albicans. Our immune system is suppose to keep it under control, together with "friendly" bacteria (Lactobacillus acidophilus , B. bifidum, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, S. thermophilus and L. salivarius, ...). If the number of friendly bacteria is decreased (antibiotics, pesticides, chlorine,...) in relation to a number of Candida, the immune systems is weakened or other conditions for yeast proliferation occur (diet high in sugar, improper pH in the digestive system) Candida albicans will shift from yeast to mycelial fungal form and start to invade the body. In the yeast state Candida is a non-invasive, sugar-fermenting organism, while in fungal state it is invasive and can produce rhizoids, very long root-like structures. Rhizoids can penetrate mucosa or intestinal walls, leaving microscopic holes and allowing toxins, undigested food particles and bacteria and yeast to enter the bloodstream. These condition is known as Leaky Gut Syndrome, one more name for the food and environmental intolerances.

#Eat organic plain yogurt full of acidophilus and a variety of beneficial cultures in it, daily to ensure normal levels of beneficial intestinal flora.

duty 71.5
converge 1 .03125
pulse 1 60
dwell 120

2489, 1395,
1276, 1160, 1044, 928, 877,
812, 728, 696, 580, 465,
464, 381, 348, 232, 116,

converge 0 0


Will alternate with this set every other day:

#35 minutes

# Candida Sweep

# Contains Divisional Sweep Harmonics (DSH)

#This sweep targets all the frequencies for Candida. According to Hulda Clarke Candida needs to be killed off every day for a month to be rid of it completely as it hides within your own body cells reproducing. This sweep runs 35 minutes.

# You may want to increase the dwell to 1 or 2 for stubborn infections. This will double the time of exposure.

duty 71.5
pulse 64 75
dwell .5
sweep 12006.25 12137.5 .03125

Candida & Parasite infestation experience


I have a 53-year-old male client who has been a big meat eater/beer
drinker/bread and cheese eater all his life. He finally started feeling bad
enough that he decided to do something about it. He had the typical swollen
abdomen (congested colon) and felt miserable every time he ate anything.

He had changed his diet to a healthier one, started taking herbs, took lots
of fiber and had regular bowels, but still didn't feel right. With even the
smallest amount of food he would bloat and have trouble breathing - no doubt
from the transverse colon being so congested. We started him on regular
detoxes and he started feeling better. But from research that he did, he
wanted to take it further.

We started him on the Parasite_gen_comp.frq program daily and what happened
after this is amazing. Within a week he was expelling small worms in his
bowel movements. By 1 1/2 weeks he had worms as long as 12 inches coming
out. His stomach size started to reduce and he started losing weight, but
he still didn't feel quite right. We read Hulda Clark's information on the
Candida sweep frequency program and started running that on a daily basis
with the parasite program every other day.

He had suffered from athlete's foot for many years and that cleared up. But
the raw, red, itchiness of the Candida moved to in between his fingers. We
applied Thieves oil to help the itching. This condition over the course of
the next 2 weeks came and went twice, lasting about 3 days each time. He
then began experiencing a heaviness or dullness in the left side of his
head. During the course of one of the Candida sweeps his ears starting
itching horribly. We stopped the program and gave him some q-tips and
literally saw black specks which when examined by a magnifying glass were
parasites coming out of his ears. Over the course of the next 1 1/2 weeks,
the parasites came out his nose and ears. He even had a blister that
appeared on his gums and when this popped another black "things" came out of it.

We have done 40 straight days now of the Candida sweep as well as the
parasite sweep every other day. All itching is gone, the Candida appears
cleared up, and he has lost 15 pounds and feels like he's 40 again. It was a
miserable experience for him to go through but as he looks back now it was
worth it. 40 days ago he had no idea what was wrong but though he was going
to have a stroke. He was really afraid he was getting life-threateningly ill.

What he realizes now is that because of his past diet, parasites and Candida
had taken over his colon. The worms would actually close off the colon when
new food was being introduced and thus make his colon back up. As we killed
them off with the frequencies they moved around his body and eventually into
his head area. He really feels that the parasite and Candida programs saved
his life. He says thank you very much for your hard work and continuing
what Dr. Rife started so many years ago.


The following information is taken from:

"The most effective tools against yeast infections of all kinds are acidophilus (yogurt), colloidal silver, and upper colonics. Combined, they can rid the body of yeast infections about as fast as the body can dispose of the toxins from dead cultures. However, disposing of these toxins can be a real problem, for two reasons. First of all, if the intestinal infection is killed off too sudden, it is possible for the intestines to become blocked. Obviously this can be serious and sometimes requires professional treatment to clear the bowels. Second, the body tends to dispose of toxins from the blood through the skin, which causes an itchy rash when the process is too fast. Toxins from dead spores can also strain the liver and kidneys.

Therefore, it is wise to take as much acidophilus as is convenient, but to build up the use of colloidal silver gradually, usually starting with four oz. of colloidal silver a day, of about ten parts per million, or the equivalent. This is usually increased by about one oz. per day until a breaking out appears or the conditions are relieved.

The colloidal silver provides a three-fold attack on the problems of candida. First, the colloidal silver kills off anaerobic bacteria and virii wherever it comes in contact with them. Therefore, the colloidal silver virtually provides a secondary immune system against all types of disease and infections, while treating the candida. Thus much of the problems of candida are treated immediately, before the candida can be cleaned out of the system. Second, colloidal silver is unusually effective in treating the candida infection itself. And third, colloidal silver has a strange and dynamic way of healing injured and damaged tissues fast. Since yeast infections of all kinds usually attack and consume the living tissue, a healing process is badly needed, and colloidal silver has a very unique way of healing these tissues fast.

Users continually report that colloidal silver will cure athlete's foot, vaginal yeast infections, as well as candida infections of the skin very quickly and then heals the damaged tissues. However, these are often signs of an inner infection. Until the yeast infection within the body is cured, external infections keep on returning. That is no reason not to treat these conditions. But if they return, it is time to look to the source of the problems as being inward. One can, of course, find explanations for the sources of the reinfection. However, a healthy body seldom succumbs to these infections.

Colloidal silver used internally and locally is the most effective treatment available today for all of these conditions."

Mike Truerife
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Try San Pharma candida, it is an homeopathic medicine for yeast.


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