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Default Oil in North Dakota and other parts

CNN had a report that Stanley, North Dakota has started to drill quite a bit for oil up near the Canadian border. The report is that the area has as much or more oil than Texas. Like Billions of Barrels available. Farmers are putting rigs up in their fields.

My husband was discussing the oil situation with our well driller, (we just had a water well put in in Idaho) and he said he use to work for the oil company as a driller back when. He said they found oil in Wyoming and the Dakotas all the time. They never pulled the oil out. They were instructed to just cap the wells and keep their mouths shut!

So does this indicate the oil companies are not forthcoming? screaming scarcity and jacking prices up and creating fear and international bid wars?

So, in light of this why the heck should we go about polluting the oceans with off shore drilling? which is far more costly and in non secured locations?

I think its about time that oil found within national borders be controlled by the US and not controlled by oil companies who are obviously lying and ripping us off for a national natural resource that we all need to maintain financial/economic stability.

I went to a Stanley city site and they are booming there!
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I’ve read about this some time ago. Apparently many people up there have known for a long time that they are sitting on a huge puddle of oil. But for “some” reason the rest of the country was never told about it. But it does appear that knowledge of this oil is starting to leak out, perhaps if enough palms are greased it will slide into becoming a real flow.
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