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Default Environmental effects to men's hormones

This is an interesting article of 3 studies regarding the inhibition of men's hormones by environmental toxins.

I encourage you to read the entire article. https://www.townsendletter.com/Nov201...onmed1111.html

Pesticides Block or Mimic Male Hormones
A recent study published in the Journal Environmental Health Perspectives discovered that pesticides, some previously unknown to disrupt hormones, had antiandrogenic effects in men.

Comment: This study is significant because it focuses on pesticides currently being used and found on fruits and vegetables. Past studies focused on pesticides that are no longer registered for use in the US and developed countries. In this study, 30 out of 37 pesticides tested altered male hormones. Most of the newly discovered hormone disruptors are applied to fruits and vegetables.


Bisphenol A Affects Men's Thyroid and Reproductive Hormones
Results of this study showed that in spot urine samples collected on the same day as blood samples, urinary BPA concentrations were inversely associated with serum levels of FSH, inhibin B, FSH:inhibin B ration, and E2:T ratio. When one or two urine samples were collected in the weeks or months following collection of the blood sample, then the inverse association involving BPA and FSH and inhibin B weakened. Inverse associations were also found between BPA and SHBG, FAI, estradiol and TSH. The results of this study indicate that BPA exposure may be associated with altered hormone levels in men.2


Phthalates from Plastics Have Negative Effects on Men's Hormones and Fertility
A recent study soon to be released in the Journal of Andrology has linked several phthalate monoesters to changes in men's hormones.

DEHP is used in the production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and many men are exposed to it without being aware. DEHP migrates into food from plastics during processing and storage. It is in other products, including flooring, wall coverings, furniture, footwear, baggage, and packaging. Medical devices made of flexible PVC, such as IV bags and tubing, can leach the phthalate DEHP into patients.

- Jim
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Very interesting, especially the last paragraph posted in your quote.

It is in other products, including flooring, wall coverings, furniture, footwear, baggage, and packaging.

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