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Default Carrot and green juice

Can you take to much carrot and green juice? I have read that to much vitamin A is bad so "don't drink to much carrot juice daily" and I have read that green vegetables can have to much vitamin K for one thing and mess up your blood clotting among other things... Is there truth to those claims?

There are several people at the local health food store I get this stuff from that say they are completely vegan, and use mostly green vegetables, carrot juice etc and feel better than they ever did.
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The only vitamin A overdose I've heard of came from eating polar bear liver.

As a pure carnivore predating upon fish-eating carnivores, the polar bear ingests large amounts of Vitamin A, which is stored in its liver: in the past, humans have been poisoned by eating liver of polar bears.
Like any juice, gycemic index can get high due to the juice being readily available without the need to break down the fiber of the plant.

Glycemic Index for Carrots

The studies on the glycemic index of carrots have wildly varied results. Carrots got a bad glycemic reputation, because of one study of (probably cooked) carrots that showed a GI of 92. A study of raw carrots, however, came up with a GI of 16, and two other studies of cooked carrots showed GIs of 32 and 49. It's probably safe to say that raw carrots have a lower GI than cooked ones.

It's also worth looking into vitamin K VS vitamin K2.
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