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Arrow Goat Milk vs Cow Milk

Some benefits of goat's milk, including recipes...

If cow milk gives your gastrointestinal system fits�or if you�re looking for something different when it comes to dairy�Mark Scarbrough suggests trying goat milk.

�Goat milk is so wonderfully, easily digestible,� says Scarbrough, food writer and author (with chef Bruce Weinstein) of Goat: Meat, Milk, Cheese (Stewart, Tabori & Chang).

Goat Versus Cow

Milk sensitivity is often triggered by a sugar called lactose. Many people with lactose intolerance find they can drink goat milk; its smaller fat globules makes goat milk easier to digest, with less residue to ferment and cause discomfort. (Unlike cow milk, the fat in goat milk is naturally homogenized, or mixed more evenly throughout the liquid.)

The curd in goat milk is softer and smaller, which also makes it gentler on the intestinal tract. And goat milk contains only traces of alpha s-1 casein, the protein in cow milk that can trigger allergies. (If you are allergic to cow milk, speak with your practitioner before trying the goat version.)

The two milks also differ in nutritional content. Goat milk contains more calcium and several other key minerals, essential fatty acids and vitamins A and B1. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory and may help modulate the immune response in older people.

What�s more, �goats tend to be more environmentally friendly. They do not lend themselves to industrialized farming the way cows and chickens have,� says Scarbrough.

That industrial approach often includes the use of bovine growth hormones in addition to agricultural chemicals cows ingest through their feed.

Unpasturized cow milk can contain bovine leukemia virus (BLV), which has been linked to breast cancer, and studies have found instances of cow milk being incompletely pasteurized.

Full Article: https://energytimes.com/pages/departm...oking1205.html
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I would go with goats milk.
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I believe goats milk is supposed to be good for exzema as well.
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Hello, after reading article you have provided , I found it very interesting and really surprised knowing Benefits of Goat Milk.I would go with goat milk.
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