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Default Cant digest Quinoa (digestive problems?)

Hey guys,

So ive been trying to eat more quinoa lately.. but.. its kinda gross but I notice when I go poo the next day, its full of quinoa.. and its weird, its almost as if my body didnt digest it at all.

Does this mean my body isnt digesting protein or something? I seem to digest meat fairly well (at least I dont see it in my poo).

Last time I cooked it I even soaked it for like an hour before hand, but it didnt seem to make a difference. How can it come out totally like it went in?? maybe missing the little white seedling part but everything else is the same.

Clearly ive got some digestive problems.. I see a fair amount of food particles in my poo, and my poo generally smells bad, sometimes it breaks apart really easily in the toilet, and sometimes it sinks like a rock.

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