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knightofalbion will become famous soon enoughknightofalbion will become famous soon enough
Default Gout

Increase your vitamin C intake if you have gout, it flushes out uric acid.

1,500 mg or more a day reduces the risk of an attack by half

- Daily Mail

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Ted_Hutchinson will become famous soon enoughTed_Hutchinson will become famous soon enough

This article provides more detail for this story.
Vitamin C Associated with Reduced Gout Risk in Men

A prescription for lifestyle change in patients with hyperuricemia and gout.
PURPOSE OF REVIEW: This review summarizes the recent data on lifestyle factors that influence serum uric acid levels and the risk of gout and attempts to provide holistic recommendations, considering both their impact on gout as well as on other health implications.

RECENT FINDINGS: Large-scale studies have clarified a number of long-suspected relations between lifestyle factors, hyperuricemia, and gout, including purine-rich foods, dairy foods, various beverages, fructose, and vitamin C supplementation. Furthermore, recent studies have identified the substantial burden of comorbidities among patients with hyperuricemia and gout.

Lifestyle and dietary recommendations for gout patients should consider overall health benefits and risk, since gout is often associated with the metabolic syndrome and an increased future risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and mortality.
Weight reduction with daily exercise and limiting intake of red meat and sugary beverages would help reduce uric acid levels, the risk of gout, insulin resistance, and comorbidities.
Heavy drinking should be avoided, whereas moderate drinking, sweet fruits, and seafood intake, particularly oily fish, should be tailored to the individual, considering their anticipated health benefits against CVD.
Dairy products, vegetables, nuts, legumes, fruits (less sugary ones), and whole grains are healthy choices for the comorbidities of gout and may also help prevent gout by reducing insulin resistance.
Coffee and vitamin C supplementation could be considered as preventive measures as these can lower urate levels, as well as the risk of gout and some of its comorbidities.
Vitamin C Intake and the Risk of Gout in Men – A Prospective Study Free full text study.

Perhaps it would be timely to remind readers that once vitamin C has been absorbed into the body it's half life is measured in minutes.
Each 30minutes after you have taken a standard 1000mg tablet it will depreciate by 50% every 30minutes.
So one hr later (2 half lives) there's 250mg left
2hrs later (4 half lives) = 62.5
3hrs........(6 half lives)= 15.625mg
4hrs........(8 half lives = 3.9mg
So you can see you cannot have 24hrs protection using one standard vitamin C tablet daily. Obviously vitamin c from food sources will provide some more vitamin C through the day but the ideal route is to take TIME RELEASE or SUSTAINED RELEASE tablets every 8 hrs. These spread out the intake of vitamin c over a longer period and so the fact a substantial amount of vitamin c is excreted within a couple of hours after a standard tablet is taken is avoided.

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Ted_Hutchinson will become famous soon enoughTed_Hutchinson will become famous soon enough

A causal role for uric acid in fructose-induced metabolic syndrome
Also worth remembering the fructose connection.

It's worth checking the labels of any bought foods.
It's just amazing where HFCS and it's pseudonyms are added to commercial foods.
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