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Old 01-22-2010, 05:45 AM
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Default Researchers Achieve Cancer-Killing Effect With Oral-Dose Vitamin C


In an overlooked study first published in 2008, for the first time, using a special liposomal form of oral-dose vitamin C, researchers in Britain demonstrated it is possible to achieve cancer-killing blood concentrations of this vitamin without undesirable side effects.
Heretofore, National Institutes of Health Researchers claimed the maximal concentration of vitamin C that can be achieved following oral intake is not sufficient to produce a cancer-killing effect. Now British researchers demonstrate they were able to achieve blood concentrations of vitamin C that were twice what was incorrectly reported to be maximal, and in the range of what is known to be selectively toxic to tumor cells, yet not harmful to healthy cells.
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How useless that he doesn't tell us what "special liposomal form of oral-dose vitamin C" it is. I'd expect it to be other than the synthetic ascorbic acid.

This is all I could find.

A natural source is the herb amla. It is 12 times more powerful as ascorbic acid. The benefit is that amla is more valuable to the body with other plant components too.
- Jim

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The only reason thats only what you could find JFH is cause liveon labs is the sole manufacturer. I believe I posted on this product here somewhere here, probably on the vitamin c to bowel tolerance thread

Funny, I was in the supermarket the other day and overheard a conversation of two guys. One guy had had a lot of chronic illness and he was telling the other guy about this liposomal vitamin c that made all the difference in his health.

I was first advised about it from a doctor on the east coast I had talked to on the phone in regards to detox protocols. He said it will make IV vitamin c a thing of the past and he encouraged me to look into it. I've been thinking of getting some for my husband, who is a smoker. I thought a month of this stuff yearly might help him hold off the ravages of his habit.

I think we will be seeing more vitamins coming out in liposomal form before long
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