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Default Angina and mineral deficiency

Sorry for the length of this:

Angina and mineral deficiency: I would think angina could be caused, at least in part to a mineral deficiency? The heart is a muscle and I have had a bout of some cramping muscles lately, dry looking skin a sore Achilles tendon yet I am taking more minerals (not handfuls) but more than I ever have, I am drinking probably 5-6 eight oz. glasses of water and a power aid or two when I work in the sun all day (Florida is hot!)

I have had some cramping lately and angina, my heart just doesn't feel right sometimes, and I become aware of it. I also suffer from palpitations occasionally but ~3-4 grams a day of vitamin c keeps them in check and helps the angina, I feel my body chemistry is out of whack a bit, I have 2 different cheated mineral supplements and usually take 1 of each most days, my water is RO and I add minerals back to it. I saw a cardiologist a couple of years ago because the palpitations got bad and they did EKG, stress test, blood test and Echo and all was good, no blocks they could see, I did over 100% on the stress test so they told me..."don't worry about it"..."if the palpitations get worse they would do something" (medication) I have heard those words to many times but in all fairness they don't know what's going on.

I had rheumatic heart fever as a kid and it was bad, I remember a shot I had to get like 1 time per week and it was the worst thing, I had to be dragged in the Dr's office, I have asked my dad and he said the doc. told him it was the most painful shot he gives and that 20 years later there would still be some medicine there from the shot and I had the murmur but by my early teen years they could hardly hear it and said it was nothing to worry about.

I would think that to get extra water in my cells and more minerals or a better balance might be helpful? I have Dr. Thomas Levy's book, "Stop Americas number one killer" a great book, led me to the vitamin c when the cardiologist was going to start me on prescription drugs for abnormal heart rhythm, sure glad I found the book, I would rather do vitamin c,...anyway I could find no reference to calcium supplements in his book and emailed him and asked why, his reply was that calcium is the problem and we get enough from the foods we eat and that calcium needs either potassium or magnesium to do it's job and we lack in those and that he was working on a book to be titled something like...death by calcium, he says heart disease is reversible, I bet he gets invited to lot's of cardiologists conventions?

My local MD is a alternative/conventional doc. and he has told me he believes IV chleation could possibly stop this, he say's probably all adults over 40 could benefit from it, so for the cost, I think I will try the suppositories, they have both calcium edta which is the IV type, but there are magnesium Di-potassium edta suppositories, this sounds better to me.
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