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Default aspirin causes bruising, ok to take?

it seems when i take a baby aspirin everyday it isn't long before i bruise very easily. is this a contraindication to taking it?
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William Wagner
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Was the baby aspirin prescribed ? If not why take it if so speak about it with your doc. Make sure to speak of bruising concern. Document.


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Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD
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janet wrote:
it seems when i take a baby aspirin everyday it isn't long before i bruise very easily. is this a contraindication to taking it?
A relative one if your platelet count is normal.

An absolute one if your platelet count is low.

Would suggest you inform your doctor about the bruising.

You are welcome, Janet.

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Default aspirin comment


I'm not a doctor but I did want to mention that there are alternatives to aspirin. Keep in mind that this post is intended to inform and not prescribe.

There are many natural substances that can promote healthy circulation, combat inflammation and improve overall heart health ... all with a lower risk of inappropriate bleeding/bruising.

Some of these substances are: grape seed extract, Pycnogenol (pine bark extract), bilberry, ginger, garlic, fish oil, vinpocetine, vitamin E complex and many others.

The good thing about many of these substances is that they often support the integrity of veins and capillaries in addition to assisting the flow of blood. Bottomline ... better circulation and stronger veins and capillaries (making them less likely to bleed/leak).

From a nutritional standpoint, I'd make sure to include plenty of vitamin C and vitamin K rich foods (unless your doctor advises against this). These nutrients will strengthen your circulatory system and moderate the viscosity of the blood. Apart from the nutrients these foods contain, they're often rich in certain phytochemicals that function like the supplements I mentioned above.

Be well,

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