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Default Toxic world - people live longer..?

I found this comment reading something and i must say that this does make sense, to a small minded person:

I can never understand this, if "all natural" everything is so good for you and the answer to absolutely everything, then why, in this day and age when there are more chemicals added to everything we eat, wash with, wear, are we actually living longer than ever before? There was a time when people lived off the land, got plenty of exercise doing it and life expectancy was in your late twenties!! today people are living to 100 years old and beyond, my mother is 55 and other than when she had children, has never been in the hospital! She has a normal diet, she eats foods from the supermarket which is apparently filled with chemicals that'll kill us, the same as I do and the same as most people i know do. So again, how does it stack up that if we eat all natural we'll live longer? When we're living longer than ever doing just the opposite??

The reason we are living longer is because personal hygiene has extremely improved from back then, when i say personal hygiene i mean our bodies, and our surroundings, stuff we wear, stuff we sleep on etc etc...Thats one

Two the nutrition we get nowadays is SO much richer then the nutrition they used to get, people used to eat whatever they had growing or living where they lived, or whatever was imported from nearby countries or villages, so back then people would get certain vitamins, minerals, proteins but that was it, it was limited and the body needs all the vitamins from A to Z, all the minerals and proteins on a lifely basis in order to run properly and healthy for as long as it has been designed to...

And yes while people now live longer then people used to live, they also live much sicker then people used to live, thanks to all the chemicals and the pharmaceutical drugs and the medical fucking system, and i do believe that this new generation isnt gonna live as much on average then my generation and the recent ones before mine, because they are basically intoxified from day 1 with all kinds of chemicals, and you get young people with cancers and degenerative diseases and all that shit...

So your body lives longer thanks to the world connecting and having any food available to you at any moment which translates to any vitamin mineral protein the body needs at any moment, never in history have people had that, but thanks to money, you also get a bunch of chemicals in you so your body lives longer but struggles to keep you alive, and you get sicker and sicker and sicker untill you end up spending the last 50 years of your 100 years on the planet sick as shit.

Remember you are what you eat, you eat shit, well put two and two together i aint gon draw you a fucking picture here...


The answer comes from me, i saw the question reading something on a forum, and i got in the mood to answer it, for myself i just wanted to put my answer ''on a piece of paper''...

I just started writting and was done in 5 minutes, i kinda imagined having this conversation live with a person because people love to use this kind of question-answer thinking its a strong argument to win a conversation with a person advocating good (natural) health,and shut that person up...so its not an analytical answer and i know things are missing...

And now id like to put my answer to the test, am i right or am i wrong, how do you see it, what would you tell them?

thank you...
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And for the persons 55 year old mother she was born i would say right around the time imports-exports food availability was pretty good, and the industries hadnt taken over everything yet, 55 years ago is not 105 years ago so personal hygiene was already on a good level, plus the petroleum industry was at its beggining, plus the whole radiation waves whatever of phones, internet and such was still extremely minor, so she had some 20-30 years of healthy life which will keep her healthy for some time, depending of course on how she treats herself and has been treating herself since the world rapidly developed into what it is now...

But this persons mothers health, has nothing to do with what this person is gonna go through in life, with that mindset of monther and offspring...

But then again thats just me and i could be wrong...
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Well, I grew up a mile away from a Superfund site, am throughly laced with PBBs from growing up in Michigan when PBB got dumped in dairy cattle feed, and feel sometimes like my life ended in my early 40s.

I like the improved sanitation and the fact that in the industrialized world we are not so subject to famine, but for those other reasons you might not be surprised to find I'm pretty opinionated on the subject of our toxic lifestyle.

Other than that, the poster needs a good class in statistics.
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