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Arrowwind09 will become famous soon enoughArrowwind09 will become famous soon enough
Default Self healing method from Hongchi Xiao

Here is a something I recently came across that comes out of the Chinese tradition.

A fuller description is in the video links down at the bottom in English but I didnt know how to make them live for you so dont miss them.

I have been trying this and will report later what is happening.





Full lecture in English:
Please be advised
I advocate all health blogs linked to NMT.
Read them and explore MMS and CS.
It may be the best chance that you have to heal yourself
of long term and chronic illness.
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Arrowwind09 will become famous soon enoughArrowwind09 will become famous soon enough

Soon I will post a written explaination of the procedure but Here is the procedure:

Pai-Da Therapy


Pai: Patting
Da: Slapping
Pai-Da: A Chinese Medical method which utilize patting and slapping of external skin areas to draw out and eliminate poisonous waste in body and restore health by facilitating the smooth flow of Qi throughout the meridians?
Sha: poisonous blood

The principles of Pai-Da

Pai-Da = Elimination of toxicant = Elimination of the poisonous waste in body
Skin is closely related to the meridians, our limbs, five viscera, six entrails and nine apertures (including the eyes, ears, nostrils, mouth, urethra and anus).

Pai-Da will launch one’s faith and mental forces, and will stimulate relevant meridians to dredge the Qi. The running Qi will in turn bring out the running of blood. The unobstructed meridians could cure diseases.

The patted and slapped parts on the body will automatically gather Qi and blood, and then accelerate the circulation. As sweepers, the intensified Qi could scan the body and dredge the obstructed meridians. As a result, the body waste, illnesses and even tumors will be cleared.

Viewing from the perspective of the western medicine, Pai-Da is a positive-breaking therapy which will stimulate the central nervous system. Therefore, the inner body systems could be activated and help repair the damaged parts, and finally improve the immunity function of human body.

Order of Pai-Da

Generally speaking, there is an up-down turn as fullows:

(Step 1) Pat the head
Pat the top of the head with both hands
Pat the sides of the head with both hands
Pat the back of the head with both hands
Pat the back of the head with one hand (one hand is more convenient, and could nicely cover the head)

(Step 2) Slap the back of the shoulder
Pat the right side with left hand, and the left side with the right hand; remember to pat all sides of the shoulder.

(Step 3) Slap both armpits and the inner sides of the shoulder
Patients with cardiac diseases, lung diseases and breast diseases should do this step more.

(Step 4)? Slap the inner sides of the elbow joints
Including all meridians of the inner sides which include the heart-channel of the inner sides and the lung-channel and the large intestine channel at the rims of the outer sides, as well as the pericardium channel in the middle.

(Step 5) Slap the knees
Pat the fronts of the knees with both hand and make sure that the knee is covered by the whule palm; pat the inner sides, outer sides and the popliteal spaces.

This step could be applied to cure all foot and leg diseases. La-Jin as supplement will bring better results.

(Step 6) Slap the feet
Pat the arches, insteps and the ankles with power. This step can not only cure the foot diseases, but also bring good curative effects for all internal organ diseases.

(Step 7) Slap any body-parts according to the need
After all the six steps above, you may pat any body-parts according to your illness.

What if there is no enough time?? Pat the fullowing important parts.? For most chronic and acute diseases, the elbows, knees, groins and feet are the focus, because these parts have the most toxins, and are the concentrated areas of meridians, blood vessels, nerves and lymph.

How to Pai-Da in a proper way?

Pat and slap attentively
Concentration and faith will increase the positive energy in your body. Distracting thoughts could bring negative effects.

Patand slap with power, as long as you can endure the pain
It might hurt in the first, but the feeling will be eased after about two minutes.
If you feel the pain of slapping, that means you are on the right way. The pain will eliminate the illness.

Pat and slap with your thought
When slapping the skin, you can imagine that you are injecting fresh Qi into the body and bringing out the turbid Qi out.

Use your palms and fingers in a proper way
When slapping a larger area such as the front of the knees, use both palm and fingers; if the area is relatively small, such as the popliteal space, you could mainly use the fingers with agile movement of the wrist.

Better recite or chant scriptures when slapping
Reciting scriptures will bring a better result; you may choose your favorite scriptures.

The time length of Pai-Da, the frequency of Pai-Da
Pai-Da can be done at any time in a day. You can form a habit of Pai-Da and pat in the morning and at night or you can do this in the morning, afternoon and at night.

For healthy people, you can pat the head, shoulders, armpits, elbows and knees for one to five minutes each time. You should at least do this once or twice a day.

For sub-health cases, besides slapping the parts mentioned above, you can pat the nidus for a longer time. Generally the time length should be between five to thirty minutes for once or twice a day. You can also pat more times each day.

For those who feel under the weather or have obvious nidus should rash-pat the nidus for at least half an hour each time. For example, those who suffer from knee pains, frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, headache and insomnia can rash-pat the knees and elbows more frequently for at least once or twice a day.

For those who suffer from serious illnesses, such as people who are unable to lift the shoulders or walk, or suffer from psoriasis, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or cancer should rash-pat top-down from the head to the feet with the focus on the elbows, knees, feet and the nidus for at least one hour and at least three times a day. And the time length of each Pai-Da should be reduced as the disease remises.

After several times of Pai-Da, it is not as easy to have Sha as before but if you continue Pai-Da it can promotes blood circulation, keep you fit and even treat the disease.

The time length and frequency of Pai-Da varies according to individuals. Whether there is Sha or not after Pai-Da, it can be applied everyday to both the sick and the health.

One Pai-Da can also be divided into several times with each time focuses on one certain part of the body.

How to tell the health situation from the culor of the sha?

Sha, i.e. poisonous blood, is the culorful thing on the skin after Pai-Da. If you Pai-Da the healthy parts of the body with the same amount of force, there won’t be Sha; otherwise the unhealthy body will show symptoms on the skin after Pai-Da.

Sha reflects the illness of the body; otherwise the skin won’t have Sha appearing after Pai-Da. More Sha means more serious of the disease.

The darker the culor of the Sha, the more poison, culdness, heat and other pathogenic factors are in the body.

Rubeosis: healthy; normal
Red: wind-heat; usually can be found with the sub-health group
Purple red: stasis-heat and it is prone to feel pain???
Cyan: phlegm-dampness and it is prone to feel tired
Purple black: stasis; shows the patient suffers from a large accumulation of body endotoxin and microcirculatory disturbance
Black: shows the patient suffers from chronic disease and has been taking medication for a long time.

According to the position of the Sha, one can tell the illness or the potential illness of the corresponding organs and the Sha itself also shows the body has started the reduction body endotoxin and the treatment.

The Sha will come out within a minute after the Pai-Da with those who suffer from clogging blood circulation and their Sha comes faster and the culor of the Sha is darker than usual.

Some people will have red Sha first and if keep Pai-Da the culor will turn dark purple or even dark masses.

Some people won’t have Sha until several times’ Pai-Da, which means their fever lies deeper and it can only be scraped away gradually and it also means the body endotoxin is being reduced.

Some people will have Sha the first time they have Pai-Da and don’t have Sha afterwards and may have Sha again later, which means their body situation and mood are undergoing some changes.


1. Take shelter from the wind when slapping
Air-conditioner and electric fan should be turned off because the pores will open during La-Jin which might make you catch culd

2. Drink enough water after Pai-Da
Drinking a cup of water before and after Pai-Da could supply the consumed water during the exercise. It will also prevent fatigue and accelerate metabulism.
3. Bathing after Pai-Da

Take bath three hours after Pai-Da with warm water.
4. Treat skin diseases with Pai-Da
Use all fingers and the whule palm when slapping a large area of skin, such as the front of the knees. For skin diseases like psoriasis, pat with power for longer time.
Do not use Pai-Da to treat trauma or festering wounds.
5. Treat diabetes mellitus, varicosity and edema of the lower limbs
For patients of diabetes mellitus, slapping should be light and slow because their skin and vessels are weak and fragile. For patients with varicosity and edema of the lower limbs, it is better for them to pat from the bottom to top gently, so as to accelerate the blood circulation.
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Arrowwind09 will become famous soon enoughArrowwind09 will become famous soon enough

As we slap ourselves, we feel pain at the spot. Because of the pain, our mind is now focused on our body area, and not drifting elsewhere (like the stock market, yesterday’s TV series or tomorrow’s office work). The pain puts us in the present, solely intend on our body, “bringing ourselves into the moment”… the “mind body complex” working together.

Do It Yourself… With Your Hands
It is thus best to do the slapping ourselves as it brings the mind and body together… and it is best to use our bare hands and not some dead/non-living slapper/stick. This is because there is live Qi/energy (气) within our very own hands and as we slap, we are channeling that Qi to the slapped area, and we are also working out the meridians on our palms.

When we slap with our palms, especially on others, our palm will also feel pain and thus we are conscious of the degree of pain and not over hit to cause injury. With a slapper/stick, over use of force may arise and pose an injury problem.

痧 (Poison Blood)
The “bruising” experienced is not the same bruising our body suffers when we knocked against hard objects like the edge of table. Our open palms are soft, with a layer of flesh and not hard like wood. This method of slapping is actually called 吊伤 (dao shang) in Tao (道), which literally means “lifting injury” – lifting up our injury/illness from our body... something like “fishing” our injury/illness out of our body.

We are therefore using our palm to fish out whatever is ailing us and the resultant “bruising” is called 痧(sha) which Master Xiao translate as “poison blood”. It is exactly this poison blood that we want to fish out of our body to achieve healing… and there is more.

The presence of poison blood is an indication of health issues or illness and many a times they indicate hidden/latent illness that are not full blown yet and usually goes undetected by modern medical equipment. Thus, the appearance of poison blood is a good tell-tale sign of our true body condition and serves as an early warning signal.

The position where the poison blood appear on our body tells us the specific health issues or illness we have. We can easily check the meridian chart to find out which specific organs are having problems as each meridian governs certain organs like heart, liver, lungs, spleen, kidneys, etc.

The color of the poison blood reveals the severity of the illness/problem. As a rule of thumb, the darker the color, the more serious is the issue. Colors of the poison blood ranges from redish, purplish to blackish and we can consider the health issues as mild, intermediate to serious correspondingly.

However, there is no need to fear should we see blackish poison blood surfacing… in Master Xiao’s words “I want to congratulate you!” Why the congratulation? Because we have managed to fish out these illnesses/problems from our body as represented by these poison blood! With regular and diligent slapping and stretching, the poison blood will disperse and the illness/problem dissolved (化 hua). It’s really that simple.

Lajin-Paida Basis
The root logic of Lajin-Paida is very simple. This is how Master Xiao puts it:

1. All illnesses, be it just a light flu or cancerous tumor, is due to blocked Meridian (经络不通 Jing Luo Bu Tong).

2. To heal, all we need to do is clear all Meridian blockages (打通经络 Da Tong Jing Luo).

He explained that many external treatment methods employed by practitioners, such as acupuncture (针灸), cupping (拔罐), moxibustion (艾灸), tui-na (推拿), etc, all strive to do only one thing – to clear meridian blockages and thereby allowing the Qi/energy (气) and blood (血 Xue) to flow in harmony.

However, these methods are difficult to learn and even if one manages to master any of them, one still cannot effectively apply the methods on themselves, thus unable to self-heal effectively. On the contrary, Lajin-Paida is very easy to learn and can be self administered, achieving self-healing.

Based on the numerous case studies Master Xiao had gathered so far, this method of Lajin-Paida is effective in treating quite a range of illnesses/problems, ranging from hypertension, high/low blood pressure, diabetics, women's problem, children's sickness, oldness hunch-back, deafness, mental illness, etc, and more positive evidences are still mounting daily as more people gave their testimony/feedback to him. Thus, we may indeed have found the "something" that cures most/all diseases.

Road Blocks
Nevertheless, as Master Xiao explained, there are two things stopping any individual to effectively practice Lajin-Paida:

1. Laziness (懒 Lan)

2. Doubt (疑 Yi)

We are humans and we do tend to be lazy at times (or most times?). This practice requires some determination and diligence to really achieve complete healing of our specific issues. Most common question asked during Q&A: “How many times must we do and each time for how long?” and Master Xiao’s standard answer (which Earth Angel love):

"If you want more health benefits, practise more often,

If you want less health benefits, practise less often,

If you don't want any health benefit, then don't do it."

To many, this is something “new” and naturally we will be skeptics (This is actually NOT some newly invented practice… been around since ancient China). With doubt, our slapping will be softer, less concentrated and our stretching will be mild, less robust… and some may not even want to give it a try, but keep questioning it instead. Master Xiao’s usual phrase: “Just Do It”.

In doing, we feel, we experience and we can then decide.

Pain Because Blocked
Chinese meridian studies have a saying “通则不痛, 痛则不通“ (Tong Ze Bu Tong, Tong Ze Bu Tong) literally means “Unblock No Pain, Pain Is Block”. As such, should we feel pain when we slap or stretch, it means our meridian is block. Some of us may even feel great pain with the slightest of slap and this is an indication of serious blockage and should target slap it more. The more you slap/stretch, the less blockage, the less pain.

Two Extreme Results
Those who follow and practice this Lajin-Paida may encounter one of two extreme results:

1. Immediate relieve of pain area

2. Increased pain in affected area and/or additional other areas feeling pain where normally they don’t (气冲病灶)

Most people fall under the first category. The problem area (e.g. back) will immediately get a whole lot better after just one session. All is happy.

However, some of us may belong to group 2. People in this group will experience气冲病灶 (Qi Chong Bing Zao), literally translated as “Energy Rush Illness Stove”. Pardon my limited bilingual capability as I’m unable to give a more fitting translation.

What it means is that the blocked meridians are too severely obstructed and the pressure applied there while doing stretching or slapping for the first few times, is trying to release this blockage. This process creates tension and thus pain arises and will be at a higher level than usual.

This is normal and is a good sign.

This is the turning point (darkness before dawn/silver lining) before full healing is achieved. What is happening is that the long hidden/latent internal poison/toxin is surfacing out and what we must do is to continue the stretching or slapping (or both) in order to accomplish total detoxification.

If the internal poison/toxin is not lifted out but remain within, it will stay hidden and relapse when we are older with reduced immunity. By that time we will suffer even more due to our old age and its prolonged manifestation.
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mommysunshine is on a distinguished road

Thanks Arrow, how wonderful it is when someone comes along who has helped thousands of people with something that is free. Put the power back to the people.

It is a bit alarming to see the black and blue marks and it's a sign of disease that is being moved. That's what we want. Get the disease out.

I look forward to hearing how this works out for you. I did it and felt invigorated with more chi.

It reminds me of EFT a little. The stretching though is something new. I'm going to give that a try too.
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Arrowwind09 will become famous soon enoughArrowwind09 will become famous soon enough

A French Doctor In Experience Camp (with photos)


Blog entry dated: 24 Nov 2011

Met Mr. Angles more than six months ago in Beijing and we hit it off very well. He is the Education Committee director of the European Federation of Chinese medicine specialists, and is also the deputy director of the ISN Sino-French Standards Editorial Board.

He has a great command of the Chinese language and is an expert in the Chinese-French translation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). He is a Western doctor by training and after studying traditional Chinese medicine, he then mainly practices TCM.

He was very curious about the Lajin-Paida practice and made a special trip to the Beijing Lajin-Paida Experience Camp to observe the last time. This time, he finally took part in the 7-day Lajin-Paida Experience Camp and his experience is very inspiring:

I'm Angles, from France, Rodez, 61-year-old, has 10 years of Western medicine clinical experience. First came to China in 1985 and travelled between France and China for the past 26 years.

I like Chinese culture and like studying Chinese medicine. In my clinic, I mostly use acupuncture, herbal medicine, diet therapy and Qigong.

In 1980, I suffered from severe rheumatoid until 1985 and couldn't get it treated in France. I came to China to learn TCM and to seek treatment at the same time. TCM diet therapy and Qigong helped me, and my rheumatoid symptoms disappeared.

I'm a survivor in a 1993 plane crash but my body was seriously injured. I suffered hip bone dislocation and fractures at 25 areas of my body. Again, it is Chinese Tui-Na, massage, Qigong that saved me. But after all these years, my tendons contracted quite badly and my body is very stiff.

I strongly believe in China's TCM.

I came to China in April this year and a friend in Shanghai introduced me to 医行天下 's (Yi Xing Tian Xia - Heal The World) Lajin-Paida. I was very happy to have met Mr. Hongchi Xiao and was very interested in both the theory and practices of Lajin-Paida.

Attended a one-day experience in Beijing and I felt very good as Lajin-Paida let my body become more flexible. Because time was tight, regrettably I had to return back to France. This time, I specially made the arrangement to come to Beijing to experience, learn, and condition my body.

These 7 days, my body's flexibility had great improvement.

My biggest gain is that everyone's attitude was very good and all participants got to know each other very well very quickly; The Chinese healing process is painful but relieve comes very fast.

Also, all these years, my hip bones were tightly contracted and unable to open. From a Western medicine point of view, it can never be opened but here, it successfully opened on day 5.



回到法国后,我要做三件事。第一,我会给自己制定个拍打拉筋时间表,每天都安排固定时间拍打拉筋;第二,我 也试着开拍打拉筋班;第三,我会带亲戚朋友来中国参加体验营。

北京26期法国学员 Angles



Picture showing Mr. Angles on day 5, several decades of stiff back can now finally bend down with both hands easily touching the floor.

Once I return to France, I want to do three things.

First, I will plan a Lajin-Paida schedule for myself, fixed timing, daily, to Lajin-Paida.

Second, I will also try to establish Lajin-Paida classes

Third, I will bring my relatives and friends to participate in the Lajin-Paida 7-day Experience Camp in China.

Beijing Lajin-Paida Class 26 - French student Angles

November 9, 2011
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Arrowwind09 will become famous soon enoughArrowwind09 will become famous soon enough

Mommysunshine, I have been doing a modified version of the slapping and stretching. I bruised in both the rt and l antecubital on the arms and on spleen point 9 on both legs...

I continued with the slapping on the arms and even though more slapping was done, harder and for longer time, the bruises continues to fade on the arms.

I haven't repeasted on the spleen 9 points. the bruises were significant there and the area is quite sore the day after... but spleen 9 points have been a problem for me for over 25 years with pain and swelling there on almost any given day. I had tried to work it out with acupressure at one time but ended up giving up as no results were seen.

Today I will do the slapping on spleen 9 with hopes that the brusing will reduce as it did on the arms regardless of the continued slapping. The master says that the bruising will reduce with continued treatment and it has proved out on my arms at least. We shall see.

Ive done the stretching exercises 3 times so far and this is the worst... Id rather slap. Even though I am still more flexible than most people it hurts and I really have to get into my breathing to endure 5 minutes of it... I can feel release going on but I seem to be able to only take small amounts at a time. Remember your breathing. release comes through the breath... and even worse than doing the exercise is getting out of the position when your done. I wish they including that breathing message in their teaching. A friend watched me do the exercises yesterday and she thought that perhaps my chairs were too high causing a stretch that is extreme. I will look into the recommended height of the chairs (or bench if you are using that)
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mommysunshine is on a distinguished road

It's good you can push through the visual bruises and believe it is a sign of releasing. How interesting the elbows (I think) faded even with continued slapping. My guess is that 99% of the population would be too lazy and doubtful to try this therapy but wow, the master said it heals 100% of the time. 100%? He's either a liar or sharing a powerful healing therapy.

The bench was high as I remembered. Maybe that stretch is really what you need. Keep your leg straight and have someone push down on your bent leg gently.

I'm a bit sore on the neck area as I was trying to stimulate that area for my tinnitis. It actually felt pretty good. Looking forward to hearing how it works on your spleen area. Good luck!
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Arrowwind09 will become famous soon enoughArrowwind09 will become famous soon enough

Yesterday I did the slapping for a full 5 minutes on all recommended points. (still not the 10 minutes recommended) This is the longest I have done it and the hardest I have done it. Meridian points on my head are no longer sore to touch. I have had no new bruising on either legs at spleen 9 and soreness is reduced. .. (these points had been sore for years) The heart points on the anticubitals also had no new bruising despite increased slapping and pressure the bruising is quite faded.

I think that this pretty much debunks the trauma causes bruising theory. Something else more profound is going on. Today I woke up and hardly any bruise showing on the anticubitals at all.

If someone wants to consider that the bruising that initially showed up was only a trauma mechanism they have to account for why no new bruising came up on successive days with increased and harder slapping. This flies in the face of conventional beliefs..... and btw, I stopped all bioflavinoids and vitamin c for this trial.
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ozzie will become famous soon enough

That looks and sounds very interesting, im glad it seems like it is working for you Arrowwind.
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Arrowwind09 will become famous soon enoughArrowwind09 will become famous soon enough

Well, It will be hard to determine health benefits and I really dont have much in active symptoms. I am hoping that the swelling and pain on my spleen 9 points will go away, which would be remarkable since the swelling has been there for 25 years or so.
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Arrowwind09 will become famous soon enoughArrowwind09 will become famous soon enough

Master Xiao's points to note while doing Lajin-Paida:

1. Concentrate on pain area and don't get distracted.

2. For slapping, use solid straighten palm and not hollow curved palm as the latter's strength and Qi are weaker/discounted.

3. Ideal time to do stretching is in the morning where the Yang energy (阳气) is rising. If time doesn't permit, any time of day or night is fine.

4. It is best to close all windows, doors, fans, air-con, etc to avoid direct wind/breeze and be fully clothed while stretching or slapping as our pores are opened and may succumb to chills.

5. Under air-con environment, wear long pants and long sleeves to keep body warm. Roll up to slap and immediately unroll to keep warm.

6. Never shower/bath immediately after slapping or stretching. Wait - the longer the waiting interval the better.

7. As with any exercise, don't consume food immediately before or after stretching. Have an interval of 30 ~ 40 mins before or after.

8. After stretching/slapping, drink hot water or hot ginger red-date tea - especially good for those who have weak Qi (i.e. cold hands/feet/tummy).

In addition, Master Xiao added that after a period of stretching/slapping, we may experience pain, sore, bloated, numb, itch, constricted, body spots, farting/pass motion (extremely smelly), belching/burping, phlegm, nauseous, drowsy, etc (气冲病灶).

All these are normal and is an indication that our Qi (气) has found our problem areas, known or unknown to us, and healing/detox is in process. All we need to do is to diligently continue stretching/slapping and let our Qi do the healing job.
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Arrowwind09 will become famous soon enoughArrowwind09 will become famous soon enough
Default Picture Illustration Part 1

The whole process of poison blood emergence to waning via slapping - Pictures illustration (Part 1)

Source: https://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_5dc946a60102e2i0.html

Many people think that the appearance of 痧 (sha) "poison blood" is because of ruptured blood vessels after slapping. In fact, the presence of poison blood is detoxification and toxin is discharged through our pores, urine, tears, nasal mucus, sputum, sweat, oral and nasal breathing, etc.

The word 痧 (sha) is only found in the Chinese language and illustrates the greatness and wisdom of our ancestors.

There are also a handful of people who really bleed while slapping and this is a good thing as it indicates better efficacy. Those who bleed at the elbow during slapping experience immediate decrease in their blood pressure and immediately alleviate any chest tightness or dizziness.

Slapping psoriasis affected area until area break with pus, bleeding, or liquid is even better. After scab formed, the skin will be totally healed.

Thanks to Fish and Phoenix for the pictures illustration and explanation.

Teacher Xiao,
These are pictures of a friend who slapped her elbow for a cumulative 51 minutes and the photos showed the whole process of poison blood appearance to dissolution of about 80% of the poison blood.

This set of pictures is helpful in understanding that the poison blood appearing during slapping is not due to ruptured blood vessels. Many friends are worried about slapping rupturing blood vessels and this set of pictures illustrates that poison blood is body's garbage rather than ruptured blood vessels.

The experience by most people when slapping their elbows indicate, using general slapping intensity, slapping for 20 mins is the optimal/peak period for poison blood emergence, continue slapping 30 mins later and we can see poison blood starting to subside/dissolve, and when slapping reached 60 mins, basically almost 80 - 90% of poison blood will dissolve/subside.

For first timers, if time allow, I will strive to slap for 60 mins to fully experience the entire process so that they will understand the whole process of poison blood and laid to rest all doubts of ruptured blood vessels.

Grateful that you taught us such a good health care treatment method.

I wish everything goes well
Hainan Lajin-Paida camp members
Phoenix, Fish
Attached pictures show the process of poison blood receding

After 5 mins - faint poison blood can be seen

After 10 mins - emergence of poison blood

After 13 mins - increase in poison blood

After 17 mins - continue emergence of poison blood

After 22 mins - peak emergence of poison blood
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Arrowwind09 will become famous soon enoughArrowwind09 will become famous soon enough
Default Picture Illustration Part 2

The whole process of poison blood emergence to waning via slapping - Pictures illustration (Part 2)


After 31 mins - Because continued slapping increases Yang Qi (Yang energy) and it slowly dissolved the poison blood.

After 37 mins - big patches of poison blood subsided, becoming small

After 51 mins - most poison blood had subsided, only very small patches remained

(These series of pictures clearly illustrates the entire poison blood emergence and dissolution process, verifying the presence of poison blood by slapping is not the result of ruptured blood vessels. If blood vessels were really ruptured, the "bruising" will only get more serious with time and not subside/dissolve. After 80 mins of slapping, the greenish poison blood can hardly be seen and only some reddish spots remain).

After 3 days - only some faint red spots remain
__________________________________________________ __________

As illustrated in the pictures, the "poison blood" is very different from the bruising we normally know. Hope this post can help to enhance our understanding of Paida.
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Has the book been translated yet?
Is it safe if you suffer form organs failure,
blocked arteries, full of free radicals etc????

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Arrowwind09 will become famous soon enoughArrowwind09 will become famous soon enough

I'm no expert but I do think it would be safe. But if you have organ failure and blocked arteries etc it should not be your only method of treatment.
MMS has shown to be helpful in cases of kidney failure.
Goji is a super nutrient found helpful in some cases of cardiac disease
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