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Originally Posted by pinballdoctor View Post
Quote from article:

The circulation to the head and brain is completely related to your body position when sleeping..

What about the other 16 hours when you aren't sleeping? Does that mean you don't have proper circulation during the day??


When the brain gets pressured from lying down, various pressure receptors lower blood pressure thus preventing a cerebral aneurysm.

That theory gets blown out of the water when people fall over dead from cerebral (or aortic aneurysm). This would be the same as taking an old weathered garden hose, and hooking it up to 60 psi connection only to find it blew a hole in the hose... then blaming the pressure as the cause.


As we go through the day in a vertical position, gravity pulls our bodily fluids downward, and this is why people have swollen feet and ankles at the end of the day.

Body weight plays the biggest part in having sore feet and swollen ankles, followed by not wearing proper shoes. The average 175 pound man should be able to walk all day without getting swollen ankles.


Laying flat for long periods (as in sleeping) causes migrains, while sleeping with head inclined 10-30 degrees makes migrains go away.

Most people who get migraines get them during the day, not while sleeping, and migraines are caused by being deficient in magnesium or other essential nutrient, not from brain pressure.


So many diseases are related to increased brain pressure of "unknown cause"..

Strokes are clearly associated with brain pressure..

Baggy eyes and sinus congestion seems to be related to head pressure.

The "unknown cause" speaks for itself... and blaming brain pressure for strokes is like blaming water pressure when an old rotten pipe bursts.

Where is the proof that baggy eyes and sinus congestion are caused by head pressure? It seems to me this would be an easy study to show one way or another..

...and there are several other statements in this article that are just silly, but my overall favourite is:

Alzheimer's we believe is caused by chronic brain congestion and pressure from flat sleeping..

Wow! Again absolutely no proof, not even a theory... just a fact because thats what they believe.

Well I will tell you what really causes Alzheimer's. I have no proof either, but at least I have a theory that matches logical information that we do know as fact.

Alzheimer's went from being virtually unknown 40 years ago to the number 5 killer behind diabetes. This disease is caused by being deficient in nutrients, and specifically cholesterol.

The brain is made up of 75% cholesterol, and when doctors put people on statin drugs to lower cholesterol as well as a cholesterol reduced diet, Alzheimer's is the result.

Again no proof, however, timewill tell..

Thank you for your rationality, PND. I agree fully.

Standing will cause vericose veins because you are not using the venous pump sufficiently, called the soleus muscle located in the back of the lower leg. It is works the lymphatic system. there is also a genetic predisposition that can be flaired with poor diet, not enough vitamin c and minerals. Vericose veins have been an issue for me, coupled with genetic tendency, poor diet while doing 12 and 16 hour shifts on my feet. Vitamin c and bioflavinoids control the situation.

Sitting causes hemorrhoids because lymphatic and venous circulation is contricted and needs releif though movement, and again the soleus muscle needs to come into play. Hemorrhoids caused by constipation is largely a toxic liver issue, toxic colon issue and stress.

Alzheimers caused by laying flat.. that made me laugh. I suppose most of humanity had alzhiemers back before pillows were common fair. Remember, most of humanity for most if its existence didnt have pillows. Still half the world population cannot afford a pillow. I think lack of cholesterol is an issue with alzheimers, but also is the fact that most folks spent most of their lives eating hydrogenated oils such as margarine, not to mention all the toxic chemicals and metals to complicate matters

Baggy eyes and congestion in the nose is caused by blocked drainage systems due to allergy or toxins or pathogens. Of course elevating the head may help in an acute situtation but it is not the cause nor the cure. Clean out your body, thats where to start.

Aside from body weight causing swelling in the feet, a weak heart will cause swelling and the symptoms are most pronounced when vertical, not horizontal.

Who ever wrote this article really needs to go back to the drawing board, better yet... give it up bud.... Your talent for rationality and logic is totally missing and clearly you have no education in anatomy and physiology or disease process, conventional or otherwise.
"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth." Marcus Aurelius
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