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Post Symptoms Of Asthma

Hello friends, I have passed out with Asthma diseases but i think its not more effective treatment for me. So, If you know about any other treatment of Asthma then kindly help me.
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Asthma is very complex and there are many causes. Allergy is a leading cause so you must try to identify the allergens that affect you and eliminate them or to reduce your sensitivity to them.

for me juniper and mountain ceder would get me going. Taking pycogenol (pine bark extract) greatly reduced my sensitivity.

I also have developed chemical sensitivity from working in a facility that used lots of chemicals to keep the carpet clean... actually that was what started it all. Getting away from that job also helped quite a bit but I still have chemical sensitivity. I just stay away from them

Asthma is a life threatening disease. Always carry your medicine with you. ALWAYS!

I carry an inhaler but I have only used it 2 or 3 times over an 8 year period. I manage my symptoms when they come up with a homeoapthic forumula called Taurtophedreed available at www.iherb.com
It works as well as an inhaler without exposure to dangerous drugs. and I will tell you that inhalers will loose their effectiveness over time, and inhalers that use ventolin and a steriod are dangerous... especially the steroid.. to repeated exposure over a lifetime. I have seen taurtophedreel work for people even with severe asthma... but always carry your inhaler with you just in case.
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Asthma is caused by a deficiency of 3 nutrients:

Essential Fatty Acids

I would suggest taking all 90 essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids to correct this problem.

Optimal amounts of plant derived colloidal chelated magnesium and manganese, together with 9 grams of fatty acids daily will reverse this condition, however, the co-factors (all the other vitamins/minerals etc) are necessary as they work in a synergistic manner.

Do some research on doctor Joel Wallach, as he has several videos on youtube. Watch them all, or search "doctor wallach and asthma"..

If you are deficient in one or more of the above nutrients, you cannot produce prostaglandins (hormones) which allow the bronchi to open..
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