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Default Tobacco - Question

Ok some time ago i bought this tobacco i saw in a shop and the reason i got it was because it said:

100 Leaf Tobaccos + Produced Without Additives

Here is a link:

Now with it came a tobacco humidifier, its a small thing that looks like a small soap...

The instructions on it say:

To keep your PUEBLO tobacco fresh.
place your PUEBLO humidifier in water for 2-3 minutes,wipe off any
excess, and simply embed the humidifier into your tobacco...

Ok a few questions bcuz i dont understand,should the water be cold,normal,warm,hot?? place it in water like soak it in water,fill a glass with water and just through it in there?? simply embed the humidifier into your tobacco..what just throw it after the water procedure into the box that contains the tobacco and close the box and leave it?? if someone could answer my questions to help me do this i would be gratefull...or maybe i should NOT use the humidifier bcuz it will be just adding chemicals to my tobacco(and tobacco is already deadly as all know),i dont need extra chemicals in there...awaiting your replies...???

And i also want to know is this tobacco any healthier than, lets say, marlboro or any other commercial ''normal'' cigarette??
i know smoking is bad-period,but since i do it i can at least do what is possible to keep the health hazards of it to a minimal...Thank you

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Is the humidifier made of terracotta (clay)? I have brown sugar keepers which are meant to be used like that to keep the brown sugar soft and fresh. I soak the little terracotta thing in hot water because I think that helps the clay to absorb water. I leave it in the water for a couple of hours. I dry it off with a towel, then put it in the canister of brown sugar. Water slowly evaporates from the clay. Too much water will make your tobacco go moldy, plus wet tobacco won't burn. There should be no chemicals in the humidifier, if it is what I think it is.

Yes, tobacco which has no chemicals added is a safer product to smoke. It is the additives in tobacco which cause the greatest harm to smokers. Filters on light cigarettes have microfibers which the smoker can inhale, which is another health risk. Organic tobacco is best. The pesticides residue on tobacco is not a good thing. I think the American Spirit brand of cigarette is an organic product. By the way, smokers should not use alcohol based mouthwash. Alcohol based mouthwash makes the lining of the mouth and throat more porous, more likely to absorb contaminants/poisons during smoking. This increases the risk of oral cancer for the smoker.
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