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Default Radical dietary change

I began working last week for the first time in many years. Prior to this I would eat constantly and never feel satiated (morbidly obese, 5'7" - 228 lbs). As soon as I began working, I had absolutely NO appetite. I have found I can go on as few as 400-600 cals and that's with me forcing myself to eat. I have also gone over 24 hours with no food (tons of liquids however). I have lost 13 lbs in 2 weeks (now 215 lbs), but I feel totally healthy and have lots of energy and I function well.

My question is: I'm not subjecting my body to abnormal amounts of stress by not eating as much (like 98% less) than I was just 2 weeks ago? Is the lack of hunger because I'm preoccupied? I rarely feel hunger and if I do it passes literally in minutes.
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It could very well be psychologicial. I hope that what you are eating is nutritious and not empty calories. 600 cal a day is not a good approach to life. Your body needs more nutrients to maintain health and good muscle mass.
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Hello cass, it most likely is work that is helping you to loose your weight, just want to say well done on your efforts so far.
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I'm 95% raw vegan these days and I take a top $ multi vit/chlorophyll daily, so I'm not really concerned about nutrition.. It's just I can't physically eat so much food. My main concern was lack of hunger.. but if it's something relatively normal.. and not like my thyroid messed up or something.

And thanks Ozzie.
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