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Old 09-05-2006, 08:56 PM
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Default Exercise as a way to lower blood pressure

It is claimed the modest exercise will lower blood pressure, so I figured I would give it a try. Of course this meant that I needed to do some sort of physical activity. But I wanted to do something that would have some practical value. So I spent the last couple months building a screen porch on the back of the house. Actually it was something I was planning on doing for some time, because I like to getting away from the air conditioning, nevertheless I do not like prospect of feeding the mosquitoes while sitting outside and relaxing.

Anyway it worked, on those days when I was moderately active my BP averaged about 20 points lower. The only problem is that I now need a new project.

Same view as before but at night.

There are eight dangly little lights that are solar power. Each light consists of 12 white LED�s pointing down plus 3 on top for �ambience�. Sitting directly under one of them there is enough light to read by. In addition in the center I made a ceiling fan that is also solar powered.
For technically minded the total power needed to run all the lights is 4.3 watts The 5-blade 52� fan requires about 12 watts and produces a decent breeze

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Old 09-05-2006, 11:33 PM
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That looks very inviting! I am sure you will soon be inundated with offers from people who want you to keep your blood pressure down around their homes
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Old 09-06-2006, 12:23 AM
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Nice job. Nice dalmation.
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Old 09-06-2006, 02:18 AM
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How much do you charge? :wink:

Or, if we ask you to work our porch, should we be the one to charge you for lowering your blood pressure?

Actually, feeding the mosquitoes (bleeding) was one way to lower blood pressure.

I read somewhere before that simply "exercising" by squeezing hand grips 15 minutes a day normalized blood pressure of hypertensives (after several weeks of regular activity). I would think it is also a good way to use up blood sugar after meals.

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Old 09-06-2006, 06:47 AM
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Default Screened porch!

Beautiful job, MedSci

I'm jealous - your's is Much bigger than mine.

But you're right about Not being mosquito fodder - it's
great, isn't it I'm looking forward to sleeping
on mine, once the temps cool down to mild. 8)

New project - Now you can GLASS it in too, so you
can use it for cold weather Year round pleasure! 8)
May you always have..Love to Share, Health to Spare, and Friends that Care!
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