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Default Magazines for Diabetics (?)

Hello, everybody.

I am looking for recommendations of magazines for Diabetics.
I am looking for ink-on-paper magazines that can be purchased on news stands. So far, I have come across "Diabetic Living" which is put out by "Better Homes and Gardens" However, its emphasis seems to be on Type 2 diabetes. Ideally, I'd like to find a magazine (or magazines) whose focus is Type 1.

In any case, at this point I am open to reading just about anything related to diabetes. Period.

Looking forward to hearing your magazine suggestions.



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Suggestion: Never read magazines, especially those put out by the same people behind Home and Gardens(my mom subscribed to that dreck). Magazines are based on selling captive audiences to advertisers. The average magazine has more, almost more or just as much ad real-estate as it does actual articles. Not to mention that alot of the actual articles are guerilla ads!

Instead buy books. There also this Documentary: Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days that covers 6 people with Diabetes who travel to the Tree of Life healing center to be treated by Gabriel Cousens. He treats them on a vegan diet, consisting mostly of raw, low-glycemic fruits, vegetables and nuts. He was able to totally reverse Type 2 in most patients and have some success in Type 1 patients, but that it depended greatly on patient compliance which is difficult. Most will never change their lifestyles even if it means death or in this case insulin or oral diabetes medications for life. My grandma personally insists on continuing to drink coffee even though it greatly spikes blood sugar levels and she has a host of health problems standing from her blood sugar from cataracts, to obesity, etc., despite my telling her to cut the coffee.
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