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Default two failed gum grafts...help!!

I have a couple of questions; hopefully someone will be able to make a few suggestions, however there is some background that is needed before I ask.

Recently, within the last year, I have been told that I needed a gum graft on a tooth in the front bottom row. I searched around to different periodontist until I was able to locate one I could afford due to the fact that my insurance will not cover this procedure because they deem is cosmetic (how they can say that I don't know because saving a tooth is not cosmetic in my eyes) Long story short I had the gum graft conducted and the first time the stitches did not hold due to some reason. As a result the gum healed into the section it was taken from originally. The dentist I have been seeing took X-rays of my mouth and informed me that there is literally no more bone on my bottom row. Nor do my top four front teeth have long roots on them anymore. So we waited a few more months and proceeded with the second procedure last week. After the surgery he stated that we will have to wait and see if there is any cement left on the tooth for the gum to attach to. After the 2nd gum graft was conducted the dentist informed me that I had a bigger problem, he stated that there is literally no bone left on the location where he borrowed the gum. Talk about discouraging. He said that this could be caused by a few different issues: A. I had braces on for my full 4 years of High School and then another two years later had them put on again for a period of 6 months or B. I am a tongue thruster and have pushed my entire bottom row through the bone. After the surgery I refrained from talking and did little eating for 5 days. I did everything I was told to. I went in to have the stitches taken out on Wednesday and just today, Friday, looked at the tooth itself-it looks the same...again! Which means there is no cement left on my tooth? This leads to only bigger problems from here.

Now comes my question in a situation like this one what do I do? A bone graft is a last resort for me due to expenses. Would a bridge work? And if so-how? I simply ask because if there is no bone left than how would a cap on a deteriorating tooth hold? I am more than worried about loosing my whole bottom row in the front and am so frustrated with all the problems that keep cropping up.

Needless to say I am my wits end. Going through this procedure has been painful and completely discouraging because we only seem to come up with more problems after every visit. A second opinion is going to be sought however I thought I would at least ask around and see if anyone else has ever had any similar problems. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Rochelle, definitely get a second or third opinion before letting your current dentist perform another procedure. A few things about your condition sound strange. First, I've never heard of teeth being pushed "through" the jawbone by tongue thrusting or anything else besides severe trauma. Second, if your perio surgeries did not heal properly, then the procedures were not performed properly. Third, although bacteria may eat the bone around them, the roots of adult teeth do not become shorter. And fourth, if indeed there were no more bone on your bottom row, your bottom teeth would have loosened and fallen out long ago.

In my 60 years I've had orthodontia twice, two entire quadrants of perio surgery and a host of other dental procedures. As you describe it your condition and its corresponding diagnoses simply don't sound right.

Please keep us informed of your progress. Thanks.
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Default Re: two failed gum grafts...help!!

A question about the dentist treating--is he a periodontist? or is he a general dentist doing periodontal treatment? This could be a big concern.

There are a lot of unanswered questions about your case that would need a review of the chart and of the x-rays taken prior to treatment. If you seek a second opinion you will want copies of your chart and x-rays for the next dentist to review, and understand where you were and where you are at present.

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