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Default More important news

I'm sorry to keep bringing up such a dark subject but all American people should know about this. In fact a new world government would be devistation for the whole world, but it looks as though they plan to make it especially hard for people in the U.S. These videos describe what it would be like if they have their way, and hopefully it will make your blood boil like mine is, because we need to get angry enough to do something about this. There isn't much time.

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Meant to add this video above, but couldn't get it to work...gas bubble on the brain(?!)...forgot to use the You Tube brackets!!

The last half of this one tells about how your children and our grandchildren are being dumbed down in school.

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Good ole George Bush again - first Video!
I'm angry too, Nightowl! Thanks for bringing these to our attention.
May you always have..Love to Share, Health to Spare, and Friends that Care!
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Not meaning to be devils advocate but here goes...

How much longer are the peoples of the earth going to continue to pollute
and over populate and create further non-sustainable communites?
How much resources can we pluck from the mother before she really gets
onto the business of dying?

Independent nations have not been willing to get a grip on rampant growth and
destruction of wildlife, depletion of clean water supplies, depletion of soils, erosion, air pollution.

Although I don't like things getting slipped in under the radar... what do you do in the face of mass ignorance and unwillingness to see what is happening to our planet?

And of course this is prime time opportunity for such procedures to get implemented in the face of the financial ruin so many people are facing.

These things have been in the works since the League of Nations pre World War II.

When I look at visionary films, lets say for instance, star trek, in order to have such an advanced civilization there must be order and SUSTAINABILITY on the planet.

Always greed and war have ruled and these methodologies have always brought ruin and death to the people. Greed and war has moved to new levels of manifestation, to where the earth is really suffering and ultimately our sustainability as a human race is in jeopardy. By the turn of the next century we could double the world population.
By 2050 growth could increase by 2.5 billion people requiring a 70 percent increase in food production with further strain on clean water supplies and depletion of soils.

Agenda 21 is one option.... one potential reality.

What would you suggest to cure these planetary ills?
And what are you willing to do to implement it?

Here's a little eye opener for you.

And here, a ocean trash dumb the twice the size of Texas.
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This falls in line with much of what I have read. In that there are a group of elitists that wish to control the world. They would like nothing better then to see the world�s population reduced by 80% or so, to what they consider a sustainable level. Or more precisely a level that they feel they will be able to have complete control over.

In effect humanity will become their slaves. As these videos show they have no problem publishing their world plans because they figure, rightly so, that the average person will not have any interest in what they are doing. And by the time are average person senses that something is wrong they will be so dumbed down that they will just mindlessly go along with it and drink the cool-aid. Or in our case take a flu shot containing who knows what. What a perfect way to begin population reduction. Then add to that a few wars and or wreck the world economy to create famine.

Those that might manage to survive would be screaming for someone to save them and these elite will be happy to step up with their plan.
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