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Old 12-09-2007, 06:40 PM
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Default The End of America

Noiami Wolf - The End of America
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Old 12-11-2007, 03:11 AM
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I finally got a DSL connection! And I took a look at the clip.

I did not bother to finish the clip, stopping at the 31 min mark.

My impression: I wouldn't even borrow the book from the library, or read it if it were otherwise given to me for free.

I think she's just anti-Bush and twisting the facts of history to make Bush appear to be someone who wants to be a dictator. Yeah, right... the guy's on his last year as president, and I doubt he could do what Marcos did. Will she be saying the same thing if the next president was a Democrat?

She blames Bush for the Iraq war, apparently forgetting that it was actually Clinton who shifted foreign policy to remove Saddam. See how 60 Minutes was shown to do something similar in my Dec 3 2007 post in this thread (click here). So if anyone was raising fake papers, it was Clinton as well as the press who sided with Clinton.

Her first condition for setting up a dictatorship is the hyping up of problems, implying that the war on terror is just some hype. Well, she had better learn what Islam is really all about. In fact, this and the other parameters she raises are ALREADY happening in Islamic countries. Click here for a recent article about this. Like that article says, she's one of those living in denial of what the real problem is.

Her second condition is prison torture, and I think she refers to Guantanamo as well as supposedly, the Iraq prisons. Helloooo? Guantanamo is a POW camp, and war is hell. There are no rules in waging war. As for the Iraq prisons, I don't know what the present state is, but does she prefer Saddam's conditions? And I would think that Iraq is still in a state of war as well, all because of Iran's meddling. But this last is my own opinion of things.

Her third condition is a paramilitary force. Is she referring to Blackwater? I think this makes her guilty of her first condition -- hyping up of problems. Is she referring to airport security after 9/11? Well, I keep thinking it's the fault of political correctness which hinders real security by using profiling.

Her fourth condition, surveillance, was tied up with the US wanting to look for a substitute for the cold war, finding it in the war on terror. Well, again, if she thinks we're not at war with global jihad, and that it's all imaginary, she's out of touch.

It's around this point that I stopped watching the clip.

I think she wrote the book just for the money. Nothing bad about that. But she should get her facts straight. She forces the 10 conditions of dictatorship (I only got to listen to 4) to apply to Bush, but I really can't see how it could happen in the US, unless the courts keep taking over, as they did with abortion, gay marriage, enforcement of atheism, and so on.

For sure, events and conditions she mentions fit her pattern of dictatorship establishment. But it takes a lot of forcing the issues. I wonder what her tone would be when Bush is no longer president? I would think she would say it's a great relief? Yeah... right. I've seen enough of the highly biased US press.

Just the way I see it.

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