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Default Suppressed Cure for Cancer

This is controversial. Not because it doesn't work but because it is hemp. But if you or a loved one has cancer (my father does) you begin to look at whatever you can find. While my dad won't do it, says he doesn't enjoy it- neither did he enjoy the stents they put in, or the frequent urination at night, or the female hormones they have him on (but I digress to vent) I thought I would share. For more info just google Rick Simpson and phoenix tears.

He is having a video seminar on Aug. 28th and will answer questions.

You can also look for the video, "Run From the Cure" on youtube and/or google video.

Hope this helps somebody!
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I believe we went through this before. There are about 7 serial videos on youtube that tell the story.

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Cannabanoids definitely have an affect on cancer cells that may be beneficial for animals. But the Tears of Pheonix documentary is probably the weakest of the evidence for it's anti-cancer benefits.

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