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Default My girlfriend's mom has cancer :(

My girlfriend's mom just told me she had cancer. She used to be very energetic, and always healthy but got cancer two years ago. Ever since then, she lost a ton of weight (and continues to lose weight), always in a bad mood, and is very weak and tired (bed ridden almost each day). She says it is because of her chemo treatments she gets each week. She grew her hair back maybe less than a year ago. I was wondering if someone in this scenario is likely to live much longer. It is worrying me and is so upsetting. She is in her late 50's btw...

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Originally Posted by spideyfanman View Post
I was wondering if someone in this scenario is likely to live much longer. It is worrying me and is so upsetting. She is in her late 50's btw...
Sorry to hear that spidey. Each case of cancer is very individual and recovery depends on many things, the kind of cancer, if they were able to remove/kill all of the cancerous cells, how strong she is, etc. It's possible that she'll have many more years if she's doing okay medically and if she's eating well and taking care of herself. It's always very upsetting when someone who's close to you gets cancer. Think positive thoughts, I wish her the best.
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Read 'Outsmart Your Cancer' by Tanya Harter Pierce.

(See ' Book review' further down the Cancer section)
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Hey good buddy, just what kind of cancer does your girl friend's mother have?
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Hi Spidey, I am sorry to hear about your gf's mom its soul destroying to watch somebody struggling like that.
Here is something she can try ; Ganoderma Lucidium , make sure it is logwood grown and certified organic.
In the far east countries ,Japan, China ,Malaysia, there has been a lot of research done on this and it definately is beneficial.
It strengthens the imune system, and lowers inflamation, oxegenates the blood,and greatly improves energy. especially in Japan they use it successfully in conjunction with chemo both to prepare weaker patients to withstand the therapy and to help in recovery afterward. Chemo does not descriminate between healthy cells and cancerous cells so Ganoderma helps keep the good ones intact and the imune system to fight off infection.
Don't worry about the name Reishi as Ganoderma is known under several names: Red Reishi, Ling Zhi, etc.
You could try the Spore powder extract in capsule form or the black coffee from organo gold. make sure she drinks water after the coffee if that what she takes as the Ganoderma is a detoxifier and it helps to flush the system.
All in all it seems to be the best single product to take as it is an adatagen and rebalances the system.
Good luck and try and keep your own spirits up ! try some coffee youself and see how it helps your mood.
Thats my 2 cents worth hope it helps her and you.
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