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Default Question regarding RA being treated with prednisone

Hi all,

New member here. I just discovered this site yesterday, and have spent quite a bit of today reading a lot of the posts related to Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have a couple of questions that I was hoping to get some help with.

My wife was diagnosed with RA about 7 years ago. Initially, she was treated with Prednisone, then was switched over to Methotrexate and folic acid. Everything was good until about two months ago, when she missed an appointment with her rheumatologist and her prescription for Methotrexate expired. Unfortunately, the doctor would not renew her prescription without seeing her, and the next appointment is in January.

My wife tried to work through the pain, but two days ago, it became too much. She went back to our primary care physician, who put her back on Prednisone (which my wife absolutely hates). Her pain seems to have subsided, which is a good thing.

However, after reading the posts on Serrapeptase, CMO, and other alternatives, I'm intrigued. Is it possible to supplement with the alternatives while taking Prednisone? Or is that not advisable? In a perfect world, I wish she didn't have to take either Prednisone or Methotrexate, and could take something like Serrapeptase and focus on more natural alternatives to reduce the pain of her RA. I am suspicious that both our Primary Care physician and my wife's rheumatologist are both fairly traditional (i.e. beholden to Big Pharma), so I don't think they are going to offer an outside-the-box solution.

Any thoughts?
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I would use Rife type frequency treatments and kill the pathogens responsible for the Arthritis. It will take time, but it is far better than Prednisone. Osteoporosis is the only certain outcome of long term Prednisone use


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Absolutely yes, she can go ahead and start the serrapeptase and CMO. If she has actual joint cartilage degeneration she should also take a glucosamine product. It will not interfere with the prednisone... but actually, you should start weaning her off the predisone and hopefully be off of it in about 2 weeks, Start the weaning as soon as she starts the other products.

How can you know if the serrapeptase and cmo are working if you are on the drug.?. But please do not stop it suddenly as it can cause significant rebound effect as I am sure you are already aware.... taper down as recommended.

Prednisone can offer many other nasty long term effects aside from osteoporosis...

Since her arthritis is so severe I would add a good fish oil capsule too.. about 1500mg a day..
I do agree with Dan, that in many cases of RA a microbe is involved. Of course you will never hear your conventional doctor say this but many naturopaths believe so and there is electron microscopic evidence that it is so... and it is why some people with arthritis respond to antibiotic therapy, which I strongly discourge due to the terrible effects of the overuse of antibiotics.

Rife technology may certainly help her. Do a search on the GB4000 rife machine. You will need the amplifier to go with it. Rife treatments if applied correctly could be very helpful.. I use to own one of these machines. I was able to resell it for almost exactly what I paid for it when I was done with it so in that regard don't worry too much about the investment. Learn about Dr Royal Rife. Also get DR Donsbach's book called Arthritis and you will start learning the basics on RA.. you can't beat the price! 26 cents! also, Dr Donsbach has other more advanced treatments other than what is mentioned in this book for RA. I don't know too much about them to speak on it so you would have to call his clinic. The website does not give all the info it use to since Coretta Scott King died there they got whammed by the FDA... which was not fair as she died the second day she was there. They never even started treatment... thats what you get when you transport someone who was in the dying process already... a pathetic last ditch effort by a confused family. Just thought I would clear that up as there is a lot of ill rumor about it regarding his clinic. Since then the website has next to nothing on it but if you call them I think they send out a pretty good brochure and tell them what condition you are specifically interested in. I tell you that CMO saved me from a lifetime of steroids and other nasty drugs... of course I worked on my diet too. Correct diet can have a positive effect for some people with RA


I have managed the arthritis I have had well with the first 2 mentioned products... but in an advanced case you may need to do more. I would say that my case was never permitted to get advanced nor did I poison myself with drugs... I will say that Dr Donsbach has a good reputation for curing or greatly alleviating pretty severe cases of RA that have been long treated with drugs if you should choose to go to Mexico to see him... actually, I don't know if you would see him anymore but his staff of doctors... he's getting pretty up there in years now. The hospital is in Rosarita Beach, Baja California
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Hey, good buddy, back in 1988 there was published an interesting book by Thomas McPherson Brown M.D. titled: The Road Back - Rheumatoid Arthritis Its Cause and Its Treatment. I bought it and it so happened that at that time my younger brother was suffering with arthritis. So I gave him the book. His wife was some how able to obtain the needed medication and in no time he was cured to the extent that he could then carry 4 by 8 sheets of plywood up a ladder to repair barn roofs. At one time there was also a web sight, "The Road Back" but the medication recommended had changed a little.

I have a Rife machine which I use for my osteoarthrits and which I would never part with. The machine is nothing more than an electrical square wave generator. In fact I've used a home made job for early 50 years and I think it had suited me better because it produced a spectrum of harmonics. Such harmonics could hit things missed by the more expensive pure wave generators.
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Licorice root is a great adaptogen. Being such a good anti-inflammatory, it is a good substitute for Prednisone. Do a search on adaptogen or prednisone or licorice on this forum for other info.
- Jim
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What is CMO?

Also, prednisone is a very problematic drug. Try something called joint vibrance (will take a month probably to see an improvement). Stay away from prednisone and methotrexate.
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What is CMO?

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