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Default Rheumatoid Arthritis 'on the rise in women'

Rheumatoid arthritis 'on the rise in women'

Page last updated at 23:19 GMT, Wednesday, 26 May 2010 0:19 UK

Chronic pain can be debilitating One of the most common forms of arthritis is on the rise among women in the US, according to a study.

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota say rheumatoid arthritis cases rose 2.5% between 1995 and 2007, after 40 years of decline, but fell among men in the same 12-year period,
Rheumatoid arthritis affects around 350,000 people in the UK.

The condition is a form of arthritis which happens when the body's immune system attacks joints.
This causes pain and swelling, which can lead to problems with mobility.
More and more people with this long term condition are managing to stay working and live very full productive lives
National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society Ailsa Bosworth, Chief Executive

It often starts between 40 and 50 years of age and women are three times more likely to be affected by the condition than men.

The study looked at cases of rheumatoid arthritis in Minnesota between 1995 and 2007.
They examined the medical records of 1,761 residents in Olmsted County.

They found cases of rheumatoid arthritis increased by 2.5% per year from 1995 to 2007, while it fell in men by 0.5%.

Study leader Dr Sherine Gabriel said: "We observed a modest increase of rheumatoid arthritis incidence in women during the study period, which followed a sharp decline in incidence during the previous four decades."
Previous studies have found a link between cigarette smoking and rheumatoid arthritis.

Vitamin D deficiency has also been associated with the development of the condition.

Commenting on the work, published in the journal Arthritis and Rheumatism, Ailsa Bosworth, Chief Executive of UK charity the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, said the findings were a concern.

She said: "I would like to assure people living with rheumatoid arthritis that in the last 10 years due in part to the use of biological therapies and tighter control of the disease at an earlier stage that more and more people with this long-term condition are managing to stay working and live very full productive lives.

"However more definitely needs to be done to raise public awareness of rheumatoid arthritis and that people raise their risk of developing the disease if they smoke."


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The relationship between vitamin D and disease activity and functional health status in rheumatoid arthritis.
We aimed to establish the relationship between serum vitamin D levels and disease activity and health status in rheumatoid arthritis.
Sixty-five patients with RA fulfilling ACR criteria for the classification of rheumatoid arthritis and forty healthy controls were included in this study.
Disease activity was assessed according to the Disease Activity Score including 28 joint counts.
C-reactive protein (CRP, mg/dl) was determined by the nephelometric method. Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR, mm/h) was determined by the Westergren method. Rheumatoid factor (RF, IU/ml) was also determined by the nephelometric method, and RF > 20 IU/ml was defined as positive.
25-OH Vitamin D EIA Kit was used to measure serum 25-OH Vitamin D levels.
We found that the mean of the 25-OH D vitamin levels of the patients with RA was not different than that of controls.
We divided patients with RA into three groups according to DAS28 as low activity group (group 1, n = 25), moderate activity group (group 2, n = 25), and high activity group (group 3, n = 15).
25-OH vitamin D levels of the patients in the high activity group (group 3) were found to be the lowest, and the patients with moderate disease activity had lower levels than those in the mild group.
Serum 25-OH vitamin D levels were significantly negatively correlated with DAS28, CRP, and HAQ.
Serum vitamin D levels in patients with RA were similar those in the healthy controls, while it significantly decreases in accordance with the disease activity and decreasing functional capacity.
Bear in mind using Effective strength D3 at the rate of 1000iu for each 25lbs you weigh it will probably take 3 months to raise 25(OH)D to the 60ng/ml 150nmol/l at which your body will have a reserve of D3 to fight infection and deal with inflammation.

There is also good reason to believe that improving omega 3 status will also help the body deal with inflammation produced by rheumatoid arthritis.
Fatty acids from fish: the anti-inflammatory potential of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids.
Improving omega 3 status with High strength omega 3 needs to be complemented with a reduction in industrial seed oils such as corn, soybean, safflower, sunflower and cottonseed oil and all the commercial foods made from them.

Examples come from IHERB as they offer cheapest $4 shipping to UK. Code WAB666 saves $5. UK readers Limit order value to below �18 as above customs adds VAT and Post Office add �8 handling fee.
US readers may find other online providers cheaper according to local delivery rates.
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So many MMS testimonials claim relief from arthritic pain. Makes me wonder how many cases of RA are caused by a pathogen, which is what the naturopaths have been saying for many many years. The right product will address the cause, and MMS may be the right product for some.

Other information on treatments for RA can be found here: https://www.healthsalon.org/category/arthritis/
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Visit www.HealthSalon.org
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I would be willing to bet that 90% or more cases are caused by a pathogen.

Trying to get rid of a pathogen with an antibiotic in a joint is difficult at best. The less blood flow to the area, the less chance it will work.

These are the situations that frequency treatments have the best chance at resolving the problem, if you can identify the pathogen.

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you know, I keep my vitamin D3 levels very high. Probably over 70 or 80 most of the time, and likely higher at others. Yet I got a bout of artritis in my hand this winter. It resolved in about a week with the use of Serrapeptase. No problems since.

CMO and/or serrapeptase will get arthritis out of soft tissue in and around a joint.

Sometimes I think that the body has a hard time dealing with the pathogen when the inflammatory process gets out of hand. Reduce the inflamation and the healing starts.... but of course not all cases... as whitnessed by those RA folks who are perpetually on steroids.

They need MMS or Rife.
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omega-3 Fatty acids infusions as adjuvant therapy in rheumatoid arthritis. omega-3 FAs are well tolerated and improve clinical symptoms of RA. Subsequent oral administration of omega-3 FAs may prolong the beneficial effects of the infusion therapy.

Bear in mind they used 0.2 g of fish oil emulsion/kg so a 70kg person would have 70 x 0.2= 14 g injected daily for 14 days. follow by 20 weeks of 0.05 g of fish oil/kg = 3.5g daily for 70kg.

To get 3.5g omega 3 daily you'd need to use something like this concentrated molecularly distilled liquid fish oil 3 times daily. Code WAB666 saves $5 for new users, UK readers keep order value below �18 or pay VAT + �8 Post office handling fee.
If you can't stand the taste of liquid fish oil then maybe a high strength molecularly distilled fish oil capsule like Omega 3 Triple Strength 1000mg would do 550mg omega 3 per capsule 6 x 550 = 3.30g so nearly 3.5g.
Quidco offer 27% cashback on Simply Supplements

I'm not sure anyone could tolerate 14g fish oil daily orally even if it was only for a fortnight.

Do remember the half life of omega 6 in your body is roughly 2 yrs.
Stop consuming industrially made corn/soy/safflower/sunflower oils now and in 2 yrs time your body levels will be 50% down and in perhaps if you haven't consumed too much intensively raised chicken or gone back to using omega 6 rich veggie oils in 5 yrs you'll be approaching the levels your DNA evolved to work best with.
But you will need to keep your omega 3 intake high throughout that timespan. OMEGA 6 displaces omega 3 from it's position in cells when tissue levels are 5 or more times higher in omega 6.

Remember also that omega 3 works best in conjunction with Vitamin D3 in fact omega 3 can activate Vitamin D receptors so assisting their gene actions to take place.
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rheumatoid arthritis, vitamin d, women

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