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Posted 08-29-2010 at 07:30 AM by jfh

Here is a disclaimer from PubMed

Clinical effects of cesium intake.
Melnikov P, Zanoni LZ.
Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul, Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.
The knowledge about cesium metabolism and toxicity is sparse. Oral intake of cesium chloride has been widely promoted on the basis of the hypothesis referred to as "high pH cancer therapy", a complimentary alternative medicine method for cancer treatment. However, no properly confirmed tumor regression was reported so far in all probability because of neither theoretical nor experimental grounds for this proposal. The aim of the present review was to resume and discuss the material currently available on cesium salts and their applications in medicine. The presence of cesium in the cell does not guarantee high pH of its content, and there is no clinical evidence to support the claims that cancer cells are vulnerable to cesium. Cesium is relatively safe; signs of its mild toxicity are gastrointestinal distress, hypotension, syncope, numbness, or tingling of the lips. Nevertheless, total cesium intakes of 6 g/day have been found to produce severe hypokalemia, hypomagnesemia, prolonged QTc interval, episodes of polymorphic ventricular tachycardia, with or without torsade de pointes, and even acute heart arrest. However, full information on its acute and chronic toxicity is not sufficiently known. Health care providers should be aware of the cardiac complications, as a result of careless cesium usage as alternative medicine.
PMID: 19655100

Pasted from <https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19655100>

Now that that is over with:

The effect of cesium therapy on various cancers is reported. A total of 50 patients were treated over a 3 year period with CsCl. The majority of the patients have been unresponsive to previous maximal modalities of cancer treatment and were considered terminal cases. The Cs-treatment consisted of CsCl in addition to some vitamins, minerals, chelating agents and salts of selenium, potassium and magnesium. In addition, a special diet was also instituted. There was an impressive 50% recovery of various cancers, i.e., cancer of unknown primary, breast, colon, prostate, pancrease, lung, liver, lymphoma, ewing sarcoma of the pelvis and adeno-cancer of the gallbladder, by the Cs-therapy employed. There was a 26% and 24% death within the initial 2 weeks and 12 months of treatment, respectively. A consistent finding in these patients was the disappearance of pain within the initial 3 days of Cs-treatment. The small number of autopsies made showed the absence of cancer cells in most cases and the clinical impression indicates a remarkably successful outcome of treatment.
PMID: 6522427

Pasted from <https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6...?dopt=Abstract>

Regarding alternative therapy:

Liquid ionic cesium chloride works by making cancer cells highly alkaline, typically 8.0 and above, thus making them so "sick" the immune system attacks and kills them.

Cesium chloride not only kills cancer cells indirectly, it immediately stops the metastasis of the cancer; can start shrinking tumor masses within weeks; and almost always stops the pain of cancer within 24 to 48 hours, depending on what is causing the pain.

Technically, the cesium chloride does not directly kill the cancer cells. What is does is allow the immune system to kill the cancer cells. When you see a statement that cesium chloride does not kill cancer cells, that is technically correct.

However, it is also possible that cesium chloride reverts cancer cells into normal cells. This can happen if the cesium chloride kills the microbes inside the cancer cells (by its high alkalinity) and the cancer cells are thus able to revert into normal cells. This is actually the ideal way to cure cancer because there is far less debris for the body to get rid of.

Exactly what percentage of the cancer cells are killed by the immune system or what percentage are reverted into normal cells is unknown. This point to make is that the protocol is very effective.

  • "Many tests on humans have been carried out by H. Nieper in Hannover, Germany and by H. Sartori in Washington, DC as well as by a number of other physicians. On the whole, the results have been very satisfactory. It has been observed that all pains associated with cancer disappear within 12 to 24 hr, except in a very few cases where there was a morphine withdrawal problem that required a few more hours.

With regards to the above quote, it should be noted that Dr. Sartori used very high doses of cesium chloride in his medical clinic. These doses were far too high to be used at home.

Note that it is the CANCER CELLS, not the blood serum, that rises to 8.0 pH or above. The body keeps the blood serum within a small range of pH, around 7.4.

The Cesium Chloride Protocol directly targets cancer cells. Normal cells do not injest the cesium chloride.

Cesium has been proven to get into cancer cells, when other nutrients cannot. The cesium:

1) Makes the cancer cells alkaline (Note: the BLOOD is NOT made alkaline, only the inside of the cancer cells),

2) Limits the intake of glucose into the cell (thus starving the cell and making the cell "sick" from lack of food),

3) Neutralizes the lactic acid (which is actually what causes the cell to multiply uncontrollably), and

4) Stops the fermentation process, which is a second affect of limiting the glucose.

Pasted from <https://www.cancertutor.com/Cancer/Alkaline.html>
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