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Ships - Part 2

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Posted 05-12-2009 at 06:33 AM by Arrowwind09
Updated 09-15-2009 at 05:49 PM by Arrowwind09

I was living in Kansas City. I had just started my professional work and was working in a hospital for my first year. I had gone to Kansas City to become a Unity Minister but realized that this was a mistake. I had suddenly woke up one day and knew it was time to leave and return to Santa Fe. On my trip back to Santa Fe I was overwhelmed with this idea that I was going to see space ships. That it was actually time for me to see ships. And my mind obscessed on it for the 700 mile trip home. I couldn't sleep. I Stopped in a motel but it was useless. Fantasies ran through my head. Feelings emerged that I had not known for a very long time. This tied in with a very old feeling that I had had since a child. The feeling that to see ships was my destiny and right. The feeling overwhelmed me that this experience was necessary and that it was going to happen. 

But how? I knew nothing of it. Although I had had friends back in California who had seen them I was not a part of it. 

When I arrived in Santa Fe I had no place to live. I was invited to stay with a friend that I had met only most briefly and casually a year earlier until I found a place. Turns out that this lovely lady was an intuitive. She had the gift of smell on the etheric plain and she told me that she could smell the divine essence of ascended masters and loving beings that reside on the other side yet are mysteriously close to us.

Minor anxiety attacks plagued me this week. I knew no one. But why the anxiety. I had been in this position before. I just needed to deep breathe and let it happen. Guidance had told me that I was to be here so there I was. Ready to receive good things. Surely a room would be provided before long. In about a week I moved into a cooperative household in a beautiful adobe just off of Canyon Road. We were five like-minded women who were into exploring our souls potential in this physical reality. From them I learned about a workshop taught by a Cherokee woman named Oh Shinna Fastwolf and I decided to attend.

There I met a man named Helios whom I felt fantastically drawn to immediately. He seemed to be accompanied by several other people, One, a huge black Sikh man who wore a white turban. They were an interesting crew of folks.

At one point during the workshop Helios asked Oh Shinna Fast Wolf if she knew anything about people who had the anterior fontanel of their skull open. I do not remember the exact reply but all in all what came out was that some people are connected to the sun and that an open fontanel is a sign and they usually have special powers. Helios had a fontanel that was fully open. You could feel the pulse in his brain through the soft spot. 

I started asking around about Helios. Who was he. What was he up to. That�s when I heard that his purpose was to take people to see ships. It was clear to me then that he already knew the answer to his question about the open fontanel. 

Woah! this was - this was astounding! Someone who could take people to see ships? I made sure that the two day workshop did not end without his phone number in my pocket.

It took a few days to make the call. The negative mind started to harass me. This isn't real. He�s just one of those new age flunkies, trying to take your money, your power.

Finally I made the call. He said that he didn�t know if he could take me to see the ships. He would have to meet me and see how it went. Well, if that wasn�t intimidating, getting sized up for worthiness. 

He came to my house the next evening. We talked for a while. He wanted to know why I wanted to see ships. All I could say was that I felt that I was suppose to. Not very convincing or dramatic. 

A few nights latter one of his folks called and asked me to come over to Helios� house, so I did. There wasn�t much happening. He told me that we needed to meditate. I was shown to sit on the floor and follow them. There were, aside from Helios, his girl friend, a pretty lithe blonde, two other men, and the man in the white turban. They all started to do a chant of words I had not heard before. Then this was followed by Kundalini breathing exercises, then that was it. No one was going to see ships tonight but a few stories were offered by the Sikh man on his experiences in seeing them. He seemed as astounded telling the story as he would have been the day that it happened.

On the mantel above the fireplace there was a book surrounded by white candles and sweet grass smudge. The book appeared to be like white leather, large, thick with gold on the edge of the leaves. Embossed in gold across the front was the title "The Keys of Enoch" by Joseph Hurtak.

A few days later I receive a call telling me to get ready. It was Helios and he said that tonight was the night. He also told me that he new it was right to take me because after he left my house the first night he entered my courtyard to pass on to his car and he looked up to the sky and saw a stralium flair, a clear sign to him that this was to happen. 

So that evening I again went to Helios� house. The same people were there. Again we did meditation and kundalini breathing exercises. We got into the car, and If I remember right, two cars of people went. I rode in the front seat next to Helios as we headed up toward Espanola, New Mexico. From there we headed into the mountains to the west off the road that headed up to Los Alamos not too far from the turn off, into forest service land, Helios said. It was suppose to be the best place to see ships.

First, if my memory recalls right, we turned up the road that heads to Los Alamos then just a short way up that we headed to the right into the sagebrush. As we were driving the shadow of the mountains were sillouted by the night sky as we headed towards them. My crazy mind was acting up. What was I doing? I must be nuts, In the middle of the night with these excentric people going to look for space ships. I must be crazy. I�m out of my mind. I can�t believe I�m doing this. I started chattering about it. I felt like I was having some kind of existential breakdown. All the faces around me were smiling. I felt like I was in a Friday night Twilight Zone serial. 

The suddenly it happended. Across the perfectly clear night sky just above the silouhetted mountain a blaze of light bolted cross the sky like a double Z laying on its side. �MY GOD! WHAT WAS THAT, � I exclaimed, nearly jumping over the dashboard to somehow see closer, to see better. 

�A stralium flair.� said Helios. He was as excited as I was. �Just like I saw outside your house that night I came over.� The others in the back seat did not see it. 

We went up a dirt road to the mountains, into the woods and came to a place where the view out into the valley where Espanola resides was wide open. You could look across the valley to the Taos Mountains in the east. I suppose we were in the Jemez mountains but to this day I have not looked at a map to try to figure it out.. 

When we arrived at a parking area we all got out and looked across the valley below. Helios gathered us into a group and we did some Kundalini breathing exercises. This was to prepare us, to open us to possibilities. 

So there we were. Gazing out but didn�t see anything. Several hours went by and didn�t see anything. People were getting bored and talking of going home. It was after 1 am.

After some time people walked off into the forest and so did I. As it was getting quite late I was starting to feel tired. In the woods I found a clear area where the trees circled around, I layed down on the ground and gazed at the sky. The stars were clear and bright in the little circle of heaven surround by tree tips above, and no ships to see. 

Out of boredom I guess I started to count the stars in the circle of sky. There were not too many. Not like the whole milkyway was displayed as I often saw on the rooftop of the house that I lived in, in Arroyo Hondo, several years before. 

Suddenly as I counted the stars I started to see them move. I rubbed my eyes and refocused. They were clearly moving. It was as though they were forming patterns of triangles, one star would hold an apex position then move to point the triangle into another direction. I started to get excited and called the others. Soon about 5 of us were laying in this little meadow watching the stars move. They clearly appeared to look only like stars. Except for this unusual behavior you would think that they were just stars. They had told me that they had seen this kind of phenomena before. 

It just kept happening and happening and after a time I was getting tired. It seemed strange that one would just get up an go while watching this phenomena but after a while it got old. We all agreed it was time to go home as it seemed that was all that was going to happen tonight. 

We got up and returned to the area where the cars were parked. Helios was already there. It was about 2am on a Thursday. Down below to the valley floor were some lights and they were moving across the valley floor at what seemed to be a high speed to me. Hard to have perspective in the night with distance and speed but it seemed fast. And unlike as if they were the lights of a vehicle they remained constant as though no hill or tree blocked them from view as they moved across the terrain below us. The other single most distinctive feature was that they were shaped as somewhat golden 4 pointed stars, but not like stars in the heavens. These lights were close!
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