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liverock will become famous soon enough
Default Even medical students want conventional medicine to include alternative therapies


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Thanks for posting that article. It was interesting and I feel it is good news. The ability to consider a variety of treatment options is a sign of compassion, objectivity, and intelligence. All good traits, in my opinion.

I believe all people in the medical profession should have a solid understanding of nutrition. Since every cell in the human body is made of the substances we eat or absorb through our skin, it's kind of obvious that diet plays a huge role in anything health related.

There is also a tremendous amount of historical information available that indicates that nutrition and natural remedies should be studied with true scientific objectivity. When it comes to human health, compassion should be the primary motivator, not profit. If a natural therapy works better and with less adverse side effects, it should definitely be considered as a valid option.

Again, thanks for posting. Have a great day.
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This could be a mine field developing.... and I just am not sure what to think. Ever since I found out that Phizer Pharmaceuticals put in a million dolllars into Bastyr Naturopathic School in Seattle I have been worried about alliances, predjudices, payoffs, funding for studies, and all the nasty deeds that come with pharmaceutical companies.

Do I really want my naturopath trained by a pharmaceutical company? Absolutely not. But none the less it is happening across the board in all naturopathic schools.
They do come out weilding a prescription pad you know.

Do I want my medical doctor promoting himself and a natural healer? Absolutely not.
Until the industry can clean up its ethics and morality I say keep a clear and difinative line drawn in the sand. That way the consumer can know exactly what they are getting.

That the two diciplines interface in afacility may be OK but I just don't see how it can happen on equal footing. Naturopaths know their superiority in many areas of health care. How long can you watch a patient that came to you be inticed back into the world of poisons without getting really upset. And of course naturopaths recognize the need for the skill of surgery and emergency medicine and would aquiesece instantly in cases of true need. I just see a real hot bed developing if things get too close.

What would the medical (drug) doctor have to offer of ture merit when it comes to developing a long term health strategy that is drug free and disease free?

Its like when the patient comes in you say to them......Now, we need to select which physician would be best for you. Do you want to take about $400 dollars worth of drugs with toxic side effects each month for the reaminer of your life or your would you really like to clean house and reorganize, cure your condition and live twice as long as you would while on the drugs. Just sign here please!
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liverock will become famous soon enough

I have noticed in the past, one or two what appeared to me to be medical students, trying to gain knowledge about alternative treatments by posing as enquiring on behalf of sick relatives about some disease or other.

They usually go to several forums under the same name with the same questions. Of course they could be big pharma R&D people just trying to pick peoples brains about what works, so they can pursue an avenue of research using a synthetic drug instead.

People from the other side will no doubt remember the saga with 'Pharmboy' and curcumin.
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kind2creatures will become famous soon enoughkind2creatures will become famous soon enough

Originally Posted by liverock View Post
I don't go to doctors very often, but I have to say that in the past it's been refreshing to hear my doctor tell me that the foods and supplementation I was using was good and working well for me. It was a relief to hear them say that Red Clover Blossom was a good choice I was making to avoid HRT during menopause, etc. They are very hesitant to get into recommendations of products or doses, but they're most likely trained to be wary of involvement in alternatives, especially when they work for HMOs like Kaiser.
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Thumbs up

Same here, Kind2C! My Dr. knows I use Alternatives and prefer them to Pharma
Drugs. She's told me that "as long as they do the job that's fine with her." For
example, my Iodine supplement does the job, so I don't have to take Synthroid or
Levoxyl. She's aware that I use lots of vitamins and minerals like magnesium, Vit
D3, potassium, Vit C, etc. and agrees they seem to be doing a great job of keeping
me healthy.
May you always have..Love to Share, Health to Spare, and Friends that Care!
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