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Default MMS and amalgam fillings

I�m new to MMS and will start in a couple of days. I�ve done loads of research and have read somewhere, that it can cause damage to amalgam fillings. I�m not planning to brush my teeth with MMS but could drinking it with water not already cause damage? Someone suggested to rinse the mouth with water and vitamin c after drinking MMS to neutralise it (not swallow it). I don�t recall having read anything from Jim Humble on that matter. Does anyone know more about this?

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Yes I certainly got tooth ache after a couple of days use so rinse (and spit out) with baking soda after every use.

Also prefer the low dose use of mms with dmso. Started with 1, 2 then 3 drops every two hours and soon started feeling much better. Now using 5 drops mms with 25 lemon juice and 7 dmso twice a day.

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