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Default Thermograms

When "they" were going back and forth about when women should have mammograms and how often I expected some of the alternative docs out there to put in a plug for thermograms. I guess I could have missed it but I never heard a peep about them. Thermograms are not available where I live but since we go south in the winter I thought I would try to have one down there. For those of you who do not know about thermograms it is a test that detects heat in the breast. If there is cancer it will show up as a hot spot. Supposedly this test can detect cancer much sooner than mammogram. It is a totally touchless test....no compression of the breast. The drawback for me is that 3 months from the first test you need to have another one so there is something to compare. Since we'll be moving around it wouldn't be very easy to get back to the same spot for the second test. I'm sure I have really simplified explaining the process! When I google thermogram the sites say that it does not cancel out the need for mammography. This I don't understand........? Has anyone had a thermogram? What did you think of it? Please share any information!
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I had one once. No one said anything to me about having to have it done twice to compare....anyway, I never had another. Decided I just wan't going to worry about it.
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