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Default herpes and mms

I just find out that I have herpes...Im freaking out, and I dont know exactly what to do...I been resershing about the MMS..I just ordered it...but I have a lot of questions...hopefully you guys can help answering some of them.
I see that most of you are very happy that you dont have any breakouts and the results with MMS.
However, my main concern is Not to pass it to somebody else? So, not having breakouts means that is it safe to have sex?
Does anybody had a succesfull test? with a negative result for herpes?
Since, I just got herpes and I'm having my first breakout...should I take the highest dosis of MMS to get it out my system once and for all?
For the ones that had a first breakout...was your first breakout the worse?
I will really appreciate it if you guys can help me
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Herpes can be quite variable and I think according to the level of stress you have.
I have read a number of good testimonials on herpes by people who use MMS but it is very difficult to hear from these people again over the long term, so in my mind at least, the verdict is still out.

All you can do is proceed with the MMS and see what happens.

My understanding of herpes is that if you are not having an active breakout you will not spread it and from the many I have known with herpes I think that is likely true. If you start to have mild itch or sensitivity in the area that you get it that is the warning that an outbreak is on the way.

You should also get yourself a bottle of Lysine, 1000 mg tabs. This is very helpful to many people. Start with a very hight dosage like 10 tabs a day. It that is not helping move up to 15. Many think this will stop an outbreak dead in its tracks
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I will add that Rife type frequency treatments have always worked particularly well for viral infections. Viruses seem to be biologically tough, but physically weak, and very susceptible to physical damage from the correct frequency.

Calculated DNA frequencies have a very good track record from my own use. They do work better when run in the MHz range, from my experience.


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I just started taking the MMS yesterday...started to work around the afternoon...I started slow with just 2 drops, but 10 drops actually did the trick...Im very excited... I hope it works... The only thing Im not sure is that if I cannot drink anything with Vitamin C ? and what else I should not drink or eat?
Thank you guys for your replies=)

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