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Default Colon Cancer Info?

My wife had an emergency bowel resection to remove an orange sized tumor in her sigmoid colon, on February 3rd. We just received our first order of MMS less than one week ago, and have started taking it.

I have looked for info on the web on MMS and cancer, but the links I have found don't work. So I am looking for some live links to what regimine of MMS is recommended for colon cancer -- especially, how strong a dose of MMS, how many times a day, for how long a period of time.

FYI. I am taking MMS as a preventive. I cautiously took one drop - noticed no effects, good or bad, increased to 2 drops the second day, then to 5 the next day, to 10 the next day, and today I have had 15 drops, taken twice. I was pretty darn healthy to begin with, so I haven't experienced any of the nausea, diahrrea, or any other symptoms.

My wife quickly built up to where she had 5 drops this morning, and 10 drops this evening, also with no apparent bad side effects. We intend to get her up to 15 drops, twice a day, as quickly as possible (maybe by tomorrow).

We have mixed the MMS solution with home-made cherry juice (completely natural) or with home-made grape juice, also natural. No after-taste at all!

Are we on the right course? Should we be doing anything different?

Oh -- Does MMS interfere with the intestines' correct flora? As a precaution, we have been taking some different kinds of pro-biotic flora pills, just in case.

Thanks for your input! You can email me directly if you care.


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rdwhitaker, you are doing everything correctly.

I am interested in knowing how long she has had cancer before the emergency surgery.

The fact that you both are at 15 drops and no side-effects indicates that the quantity of pathogens in your blood is not significantly high otherwise you would be experiencing a more unpleasant Herxheimer reaction (nausea, diarrhea, etc).

No, MMS does not affect the native flora within the body. You do not need to take those supplements.

I will provide you with all my bookmarked references for MMS (Chlorine Dioxide).

Please be advised that I am not a doctor. I'm just a researcher.

ATSDR - Public Health Statement: Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorite

Jim Humble's Personal Writings and Methods of using the Miracle Mineral Supplement.

Mechanistic aspects of ingested chlorine dioxide on thyroid function: impact of oxidants on iodide metabolism.

Miracle Mineral


MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution

MMS Answers » Welcome to MMS Answers ———————– by Jim Humble

MMS Information


MMS Protocol and Dosage Instructions are listed here for downloading and printing. * *

MMS Testimonies about Miracle Mineral Supplement

MMS: Index of MMS articles by a variety of authors related to the internal uses of chlorine dioxide.

My Grandfather and MMS at MMS - Miracle Mineral Solution Support

No Miracle, Just Wonderful Chemistry � Thought for Food

Project Camelot | Interviews and Reports


YouTube - Mix MMS -Miracle Mineral Supplement
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Thanks for all the links! and Thanks for the encouraging words!

My wife first started having symptoms around March or April last year. We thought it was irritable bowel syndrome and were treating it as if. She had up and down episodes, but generally got worse. In December - January, symptoms got really bad, so we went in to see the doctors, got a CAT scan, and found the tumor.

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Ryan, how is your wife now? I think a good idea would be to have another scan done in a month or so.
Another excellent website is https://www.cancertutor.com.
There is a protocol called Cellect-Budwig that's basically a powder and some other equally important steps. It's apparently known to be more effective against cancer than MMS and is significant in the reduction of tumors.

The protocol explained step-by-step.

You can order it here.
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Hi in regards your wife with cancer and dosage

You didn't mention whether you were activating the MMS before you added the juice. 1dr mms to 5 drops citric acid, lemon juice and then wait 3 minutes before adding juice. Maybe I missed something but just in case.
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Yes, activating it carefully as per the instructions -- Its kind of hard to count out 75 drops each time!!
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With all disease conditions of the bowel I strongly recommed daily doses of Aloe Vera.
You want a dried form.
Contact Plasmafire Intl, Manufacturers of the highest quality ozone generators, steam saunas, ozonated olive oil, oxygen concentrators
He has a good product and you should also look into ozone therapy,
rectal insuflations for the bowel.
read about ozone therapy here:

Oxidative Therapies

and particularly this page for most direct information:
I make product recommendations on this page. Plasmafire equipment is too expensive.
Learn About Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy has more reports of curing cancer than MMS, to my knowledge anyway.
Both are oxidative therapies. Ozone, in your wifes case can be directly applied to the cancer area and absorption of the ozone through the colon wall will also detox the liver.
There is no problems with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.

Does anyone know about applying MMS through an enema?
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Default Update on Wife's Colon Cancer

Update on my wife:

When we received our first order of MMS shortly after my wife's surgery, we started her out on it. Within just a few days we had increased her to 10 drop doses, twice a day, with no Herx effects. I increased it to 15 drops as an experiment. No problem. Then I slipped her an 18 drop dose without telling her one time - and that was over the limit! She spent all day with vomiting and diarrhea. I spent all day hearing what a rotten guy I am!

After recovering from that episode, we put her on six doses a day, six drops each dose. She was taking them every two hours all day long. This worked out very well. She voluntarily increased the dose to seven drops each time. Worked out great.

She went to her oncologist after about three weeks of being on MMS. We printed out some information about MMS and gave it to her doctor. Her doctor didn't comment. However, we were very happy to find that her blood CEA count was only 3. Her doctor said they don't get excited about doing chemotherapy until the CEA count gets up past 100! So no chemotherapy is recommended at this time. They will measure her CEA count again in six months to compare.

Meanwhile my wife has increased her MMS dosage. She is taking it almost every hour now, seven drops each time, all day long. Doing well with it.

By the way, she is also following another anti-cancer protocal called the Budwig diet, twice a day. This is a mixture of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese. It claims a cure rate of over 90%. She has a hard time tolerating the taste of the Budwig mixture, but she is doing it anyway. She is motivated by the deaths of two of her friends from cancer in the past week. She doesn't want to end up like them!

Vancouver, WA
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Hey, rdwhitaker,

Glad your wife is doing so well and you are still alive! Just kidding, but I'm sure she felt like doing you in after giving her 18 drops! I believe the reason MMS works is because it is an antifungal. Doug Kaufmann at Know the cause Home Page Hosted by Doug Kaufmann says that all cancerous tumors are actually fungal tumors. Dr. Tulio Simoncini also believes this. He has a 90% cure rate using baking soda IV and injections. He has a book called Cancer is a Fungus. You can go to Doug's website and watch his tv show Know the Cause online or find out what times it is on in your area. I watch it almost every day. I also have all of his books. Check them out! I have used MMS several times, but I still take probiotics, natural antifungals and eat a mostly antifungal diet. He has a recipe book with his Phase 1, 2, and 3 antifungal diet in it. Actually all of his books have the Phase 1 in them. There is also a couple of videos you can watch with Doug and Dr. Simoncini. Check it out! Somewhere on his site you can get the Phase 1 antifungal diet without buying anything!

I also agree with Barbara that ozone is an excellent cure for cancer because fungus cannot live in a highly oxygenated environment. I have an ozone air purifier in my home which kills pathogens in the air. I highly recommend you get one for your home, too! Good luck!
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