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Default Thanks Brando & D Bergy re: L-form bacteria

The MARSHALL PROTOCOL is a regimen designed to kill the L-bacteria.

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yeah the Marshall Protocol does seem to work rather well in some cases from what I have read. However, there are alot of people that claim to get sicker on the protocol rather than cured. That's why I posed the question of whether or not MMS could be used instead? Would it be a suitable alternative rather than taking low dose antibiotics for years? My guess is yes to some degree but the real question is whether MMS can target the inside of immune system cells where L-Form bacteria live.
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Default Klinghardt - Part 1

This was recently sent to me from someone who attended Dr Klinghardt's January 2008 seminar. She told me that Dr Klinghardt had met Jim Humble and that he has been using MMS for about 2 years. MMS is now in his protocol for chronic illness.


Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt Medical Seminar January 2008

Neurobiology 2008

Chronic Illness: the biological basis:

• The cause of most current chronic states of unwellbeing or illness: chronic sub-threshold infection (mold, Borrelia, Chlamydia pneum., mycoplasma, herpes viruses, etc.) which grow in a disturbed or polluted internal environment

• main cuause for this: bioaccumulation of xenobiotics, heavy metals and microbial biotoxins. The increase in affected people and animals in recent years is explained with the unchecked expansion of cell phone radiation and other sources of EMF.

• These in turn, are perceived by the microbes as threat or attack-and they respond with an increased output of biotoxins and increased virulence of their respective toxins (mycotoxins and increased virulence of their respective (mycotoxines, bacterial endo-and exotoxins, etc.)

• The cumulative effect is the self perpetuating up-regulation of free radical chemistry ( “NO/ONOO- “ cycle)

Most illnesses can be successfully treated by applying the short protocols below and – only then – should additional treatment options and modalities be tailored to the individual expression of the illness of the client.

Short basic synergistic protocols

A. Biotoxin removal (mercury, mold mycotoxins, Lyme neurotoxins. Environmental toxins)

Diagnosis: ART, MELISA, Porphyrin profile (Paris). Intracellular mineral and toxic metal levels (Genova, Doctor’s Data), hair analysis (best for follow up)

Chorella (literature: google.com/scholar match “mercury” and “chorella”)
4 tbl(=1gr) 3 times a day. Once weekly 20-30 tbl. 4 times/day.
/taje 30 min before meals and at bedtime. Aternatives: apple pectin, zeolyte, chitosan, charcoal, clay, cholstyrami

“Matrix Metals” : 4-8 sprays sublingually 2-3 times /day
Produced by nanonizing chlorella an dsynergistic other medicinal plants

• Metal binding pepetided
• Glutathione
• Glycine
• Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)
• Hyaluronic Acid
• Phytoplankton
• Hydrated Colloidal Silica
• Fermented plant adaptogens and enzymes
• Algenic -, Fluvic-, Ferulic Acid
• Alpha- and R lipoic acid
• Nanonized Oliveleaf Extract
• Base: Oligopeptides, Glycoprotiens, Phosopholipids, Marine Ions
From sea salt, Aminoacid complexes, vitamins and minerals
• Alternatives: NDF, cilantro+ folic acid + malic acid

Ecklonia Cava Extract: 2-4 caps twice daily (at bedtime and first thing a.M.) Research www.klinghardt.org
• Sea Based polyphenols 10-1000 times stronger thaen land based ones (green tea, reseveratrol) Ocean Polyphenols pass blood brain barrier
• Long half life (12 hours). Land based ones 30 minutes
• Animal tests and human studies:
• Strong anti-oxidants
• Lipid and cholesterol lowering
• Calcium scavenger (from endothelium)
• Anti-plasmin effect” increases of micro-circulation
• Elastase agonist: increases elasticity of blood vessels
• Anti-inflammatory: inhibition of NF-kB
• Supports healthy blood glucose levels
• Down regulation of DGAT enzyme (turns food to fat) by 60%:
Significant weight loss
• Pain relieving effect by inhibition of COX enzymes
• Inhibition and reversal of beta-amyloid plaque formation

Clinial effects:
Improved sleep. Weight loss, reduced blood pressure anti-arthritic, significant rduction in fibromyagia pain, increase in memory and cognitive function, more potent than Viagra in ED, reversal of arterial plaque and vascular inflammation, anti-aging

Alternatives: Reservatrol from Japanese Knotweed + green tea extract

B. Treatment of chronic infections

Diagnosis: always consider chronic mold/yeast, viruses (over 2000),
Bacteria, (Lyme, Chlamydia, mycoplasma). BioLab or Genova

Treatment: Use time-release chlorine dioxide when tolerated (MMS r Miracle Mineral Sloution).

• get citric acid and make 10% solution (pharmacy): use 1 tbsp citric acid to 9 tbsp. water, Use larger dropper. Source: SHE or wwwlmiraclemineral.org
• Mix each drop MMS with 5 drops citric acid. Swirl.
• Wait 3 minutes. Add water or non-Vit C containing juice and drink. Solution can be applied straight or diluted to skin eruption, skin cancers, age sprts, deratotic lesions etc.
• Start 2 drops MMS twice daily. Increase slowly to 15 drops 3 times/day. Or: maintain on 6 drops twice daily and spike once weekly to 15 drops twice daily exactly one hour apart

Side effect: die-off effects (nausea for afew hours most common. Tends to disappear after job accomplished (days)

Alterntives: medical antimicrobials (Burrascano protocol www.Lymnet.org herbs from Klinghardt Lyme protocol, ozone therapy

C. Bypassing poor genetic propensities and “wrong” diet/life style

Dianosis: test via GENOVA or ART)
Most important (Amy Yasko PhD): Methylation cycle metabolites and nutrients
• folic acid, folinic acid or methyl-tetrahydrofolate
• methyl-cobolamin or hydroxycobolamin
• prurdoxine HCL or pyridoxal-5- phosphate
• Same-e. cratine, minerals
• Minerals and electrolytes
* Diet: bloody type vs metabolic typing vs ART based diet
* Raw vs cooked, fermented vs unfermented foods
* Low oxalate diet
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Default Klinghardt - Part 2

The Treatment of chronic Fatigue Syndrome

General Approach:
• Eliminate Sleep disturbances ( electromog?mold in home?outgasing of carpets/late evening use of computer)
• EIiminate food allergens
• Eliminate interference fields (scars, ganglia)
• Eliminate unresolved conflicts
• Eliminate toxins (Klinghardt biotioxin protocol)
Specifiic Approach:

OPTION #1: Stanford University protocol (use of best medicial drugs) Anti-viral therapy: treat HHV-6 with Valcyte 450 mg twice daily for 21 days, the 450 mg once daily for the remainder of 6 months. May have to add in anti-fungal (Itraconazole r Voriconazole 100 mg 2 times/day).

Martin Pall protocol (use of Nutirceuticals) Down-regulate self destructive self perpetuating cell cycle o f creating fee radicals.

Letter by Marin Pall to Dr. Klinghardt (1/12/08):

I am delighted that we are returning to the most important topic with regard to people suffering from CFS and related multisystem illnesses – that of therapy. In chater 15 or my book, I list 12 agents or classes of agents that are predicted to down-regulate various aspects of the NO/ONOO – cycle mechamisn, for which we have fibromyalgia. Since tht chapter was written, there have been publications reporting similar clinical trial data on two additional agent/classes of agents. The list of these is as follows:

Vitamin C: chain breaking antioxidant; helps restore tetrahydrobioterin levels
Flavonoids: chain breaking antioxidants; some act to scavenge superoxide; some act to scavenge peroxynitrite Reductive stress relieving agents.
L-carnitine/acetyl carnitine: increase mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation; may help with regeneration of inner mitochondrial membrane
Other mitochondrial regeneration agents:
Hydroxocobalamin: potent nitric oxide scavenger
Folic Acid: may help to restore tetrahydrobiopterin function
Glutathione?gluathione precursors: most important antioxidant produced in the body
Magnesium: lowers NMDA activity; aids with energy metabolism
NMDA antagonist: lowers excessive NMDA activity
Long chain omega-3 fatty acids
Hyperbaric oxygen: lowers nitric oxide inhibition of cytochrome oxidase activity; may also act indirectly to increase thtahydrobiopterin levels
D-ribose/inosine/RNA: Act in three ways: to help restore adenine nucleotide pools previously depleted by mitrochondrial dysfunction; provides increased NADPH for glutathione reductase activity; increased uric acid (peroxynitrite scavenger) on degradation of purines (note: each of these three agents also have their drawbacks)
Ecklonia cava extract: may be similar to flavonoids (above) but perhaps more active – also retained in the body longer; may act to regenerate tetrahydrobiopterin

In chapter 15 of my book, I also list additional agents which are predictied to down-regulate aspects of the NO/ONOO-cycle where we have clinical observations and or anecdotal reports of efficacy and stillothers where there is no published evidence for but where physicians have used them as parts of complex tretment protocols presumably thinking that they are useful.

In most cases where we have clinical trial data of efficacy, the effects individual agents re modest but complex treatment protocols developed by clinicians appear to be much more effective. There are at least 10 such protocols tht I am familiar with and I suspect that there are many others out th ere as well. Te ones described in thacpter 15 of my book were developed by Teitebaum, Cheney, Nicolson and Petrovic and also another that I developed with Dr.Grace Ziem. The firs four have been used primarily to treat CFS or similar patients (Teitelbaum reports similar effectiveness with fibromyalgia patients) and the fifth has been used to treat chemically sensitive patients (presumably similar to MCS). All five of these use at least 14 agents or classes of agents that re predicted to down-regulate the NO/ONOO- cycle biochemistry. I’ve been told that Kenny de Meirleir uses a similar protocol with his patients. I have subsequently developed a protocol with the Allergy Research Group that is entirely over-the-counter, with includes 19 agents or classes of agents predicted to down-regulate the NO/ONOO- cycle biochemistry.

Of these protocols the only ones that have been tested in clinical trial are those of Teitelbaum and Nicolson. My own view, and this is also discussed in Chapter 15 of my book, is that it is essential not only to use agents that down-regulate the NO/ONOO- cycle biochemistry, but that is also necessary to avoid stressors tht will otherwise up-regulate it.

In CFS, the most common two such stressors are chronic infections, either opportunistic or involved in initiating cases of CFS and exercise sufficient to trigger post-exertional malaise. Other stressors can also be important, including food allergens in those who have developed food allergies, psychological stress and chemical exposure, especially in those who are chemically sensitive. The classes of chemicals that are problematic are discussed in my chapter on MCS.

With the Allergy Research Group protocol, I have received some absolutely stunning anecdotal reports of improvement – these were emailed to me by people whom have never met, people who had not been asked by me to provide any information- I had no inkling of t heir existence until they emailed me. One of these was from a woman from Los Angles, who had been ill with diagnosed CFS for over 20 years. Much of that time completely bed ridden, who after taking the Allergy Research Group protocol, reported being almost completely normal and asked a question I could not answer – how much longer should she continue taking this protocol. Another was from a 50 year old man who reported suffering form MCS all of his life, who after 3 months of slowly increasing doss on the protocol reported bing able to go out to many places he could not previously tolerate, greatly improved cognitive function, being able to sleep through the night for the first time in decades.

I believe that physicians should treat patients with CFS and related illnesses with a protocol involving multiple agents predicted to down-regulate the NOONOO- cycle biochemistry, based on the available evidence of efficacy of these agents and these protocols.


USE MMS (slow controlled release of chlorine dioxide as anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-biotoxin agent). Slowly increase dosage from 2 drops once daily to 2 drops 3 times daily to 15 drops 3 times daily
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