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Default What is Paradophillus Part 1

Paradophilus Living Streams Probiotic - Frequently asked questions
Subclinical infections are one of the leading causes of poor health today. Most people think of an "infection" as something obvious, but in most cases people have infective processes taking place in their body and they have no idea it is occurring. The healthiest of people can have subclinical infective processes going on unknowingly.
Due to environmental stresses, poor or depleted diet, and many other causes, bacteria, virus, mold, yeast and fungus can colonize within the intestinal track and systemic tissues such as joints, etc., and discourage the growth of your good bacteria. These agents, when allowed to remain, continuously release potent toxins into the body tissues and circulation. These toxins can do great harm, especially when allowed to linger undetected. This is occurring on a regular basis in most cases, but it is not producing overt "symptoms..." clinical symptoms, and therefore most people miss the continuing threat these infective processes cause.
Paradophilus Living Streams Probiotic is a natural by-product of friendly bio-organisms (probiotics) that have been specially cultured and developed to produce the natural substances the human body was meant to receive from flora in the intestinal track. However, because of processed foods, (for both humans and animals) lack of enzymes and other nutrients, poor quality intestinal flora and other health stresses, even the normal amounts of these substances that would otherwise be there are missing in most animals and people. On top of that, because the friendly bacteria are missing, growth of "bad" bacteria, fungus, yeast, virus and mold colonies can seriously harm health. Even if you think you are healthy, subclinical infective processes are at work, slowly damaging your health.

Paradophilus Living Streams Probiotic is a totally NEW, unique friendly flora liquid solution. This product is the direct result of years of research and development, and could well be one of the most beneficial biological products in support of good health ever discovered. The secret is in the "solution" the friendly flora produce, NOT in the bacteria themselves or the quantity of bacteria.

This is what sets Paradophilus Living Streams Probiotic apart from all other probiotic products. This product is NOT a full spectrum probiotic, although it does contain the original bacterial elements which produced the Paradophilus Living Streams Probiotic solution, and which grow in the intestinal area. The secret is in the strength of the solution, which is many times as powerful as any probiotic product can produce in the body naturally.
Bacteria have long been known to benefit human health via their production of natural substances. Paradophilus Living Streams Probiotic is a solution made from all natural probiotic... naturally occurring organisms in many foods... but it is specially formulated and processed to "super activate" their natural bio-production of beneficial substances that supports the immune system against infective agents such as mold, fungus, yeast, viral components and bacteria.

Paradophilus Living Streams Probiotic is continually being tested for other applications, and has been unofficially tested for effectiveness in animal health problems with exciting results. While we can make no guarantee of specific results, we DO guarantee you won't be disappointed, or we will give you your money back*.
Paradophilus Living Streams Probiotic is a safe and natural liquid solution, the color of pale tea. It is NOT a drug or other chemistry-altering substance. It simply provides the natural substances friendly flora normally should be providing the body, but this solution is a much stronger concentration of these vital substances. Don't get confused by looking for "bacterial counts" in this product. The secret is in the products these friendly bacteria produce for us.

Paradophilus Living Streams Probiotic was lab tested against New Orleans flood waters... considered to be 40,000 times safe levels for humans. Our product killed 95% of the pathogens within the first 5 minutes. 99+% within 30 minutes. Research Paper
Here is a list of customer-reported health problems Paradophilus Living Streams Probiotic has helped with, so far:
-1. Bad breath
-1. Plaque and cavities
-1. Gum disease
-1. Digestive problems
-1. Diarrhea
-1. Constipation
-1. Listlessness
-1. Detoxification
-1. Fungus
-1. Candida/Yeast
-1. Feminine problems
-1. Athletes foot
-1. Rashes and other skin problems
-1. Poison Ivy
-1. Black and other Molds
-1. Shingles
-1. Eczema
-1. Colds and flu
-1. Chicken Pox
-1. Herpes
-1. Lyme Disease
-1. Chronic Fatigue
-1. Cuts and scrapes
-1. Parvo and other health problems in dogs and cats
-1. Cow, goat and other animal health support

Probiotics should normally be active and producing varied substances for normal health which are absorbed and utilized daily. However, today, even normal production of these substances... such as "B" vitamins, enzymes, natural antibiotics and other yeast and fungal inhibitors, as well as other substances necessary for good health, are missing or in very low amounts.
Paradophilus Living Streams Probiotic is the result of learning to work WITH these probiotics to have them produce FAR more of the natural substances than they could in normal conditions. Paradophilus Living Streams Probiotic is a concentration of various "byproducts" of these probiotics, proven to be extremely powerful support for immune function.

Paradophilus Living Streams Probiotic is safe for eyes, ears, or vaginal areas, in adults and children.
Application: One spray = 6 drops, 1 capful = 45 sprays, 1, 4 oz = 20.66 capfuls, 1, 8 oz = 41.33 capfuls (2 week supply at 1 cap, 3 times per day), 1, 32 oz = 165.32 capfuls (55 day supply at 1 cap, 3 times per day) - Keep in mind that the 2 and 4 oz are more for maintenance and the 8 and 32 oz for dealing with major health issues

Adult - (12 years and up) - Begin application of 1 spray directly in the mouth or mixed with a little water and swallowed, 3 times the first day, preferably ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. If there are no adverse cleansing reactions, (headache, sluggishness, sick feeling) begin adding 1 spray, 3 times per day, each day thereafter... 2 sprays three times on day two, 3 sprays, three times on day three, etc., ramping up as tolerated. If you feel cleansing reactions, lower the application to the previous level where no problems existed, and maintain that for another 2 days and again begin ramping the application up one spray three times a day till you get to one capful three times per day.

Children up to 12 years - Begin application of 1 drop directly in the mouth or mixed with a little water and swallowed, 3 times the first day, preferably ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. If there are no adverse cleansing symptoms, (headache, sluggishness, sick feeling) begin adding 1 drop, 3 times per day, each day thereafter... 2 drops three times on day two, 3 drops, three times on day three, etc., till you get to 6 drops, three times per day. Once at 6 drops, which equals 1 spray, continue with one spray three times per day, increasing as with the adult application. If there are cleansing reactions, lower the application to the previous level where no problems existed, and maintain that for another 2 days and again begin ramping the application up as directed.

Adults and children, ramp up to 45 sprays, or one capful at least three times per day, till improved. More times per day will simply speed up the body's healing processes. For best long term results with chronic health problems, use at the three cap per day minimum application for at least a three month duration, and then maintenance level use if symptoms have subsided. Maintenance application is two or more sprays per day.
For Lyme disease, use orally, as well as a few sprays topically along the full length of the spine and rub in 1-2 times a day.

Oral: For tooth and gum problems, bad breath and other oral problems, use several sprays, 2-3 times a day, in a small amount of water and swish in the mouth for 30-60 seconds, then swallow. Be sure to forcibly swish the solution so it penetrates between the teeth and gums. If you are using the oral solution for the mouth problems alone, be sure to start with 1 spray (or 1 drop for kids), 3 times a day as directed above. You can also place a drop or two on your tooth brush twice a week to help control plaque.

�God is the basis of life, life is the basis of energy, energy is the basis of matter.�... Carey Reams
Visit: www.HealthSalon.org

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Default Paradophillus Part 2

For athlete's foot, jock itch, rashes, cuts and scrapes, nail fungus, boils, infected sores, poison ivy, etc., several sprays straight on affected area, 2-3 times per day. Good also to take internally as well for these conditions.

Try Paradophilus Living Streams Probiotic in your plant water, or for a topical plant spray. Just add 5-10 drops or two sprays in a quart and spray on your plants, 1-2 times per week. Helps eliminate fungal and other plant diseases and is good for the natural soil biology. You can even add some to your fish tank to inhibit algae and support the health of the fish.

Animal Application:
Place capful or dropper full in water supply. If just a bowl of water daily, place 3-5 sprays in bowl. If health problems are evident, use a small oral syringe or other means for cats and other similar animals to get the product into them. Dogs will gladly lick it right up in most cases. If the health problem is serious, continue the initial oral application for another 5-7 days, and maintain it in the water supply as well. Upon improvement, maintenance application of 1-3 sprays per day in water supply.
How safe is Paradophilus Living Streams Probiotic? There are no known side affects from Paradophilus Living Streams Probiotic, besides possible cleansing reactions mentioned above. Paradophilus Living Streams Probiotic is a natural probiotic food substance and supplement.

Paradophilus Living Streams Probiotic Ingredients: Filtered water, Lactobacillus Paracase/Curvatus/Acidophilus and by-products, natural sugar and carbohydrate residue, natural color.

**2 oz blue glass spray bottle, $29.95 
**4 oz blue glass spray bottle, $54.95
**8 oz blue glass bottle, $91.95
**32 oz plastic refill bottle, $334.95 - NOTE: The 8 and 32 oz bottles do NOT have sprayers. You can either purchase a 2 oz or 4 oz spray bottle from us, or get one from your local health food store.
2 oz empty spray bottle, $1.95
4 oz empty spray bottle, $2.95
Paradophilus Living Streams Probiotic will keep for a year or more if refrigerated.

Paradophilus Living Streams ProbioticTM is 100% guaranteed to please, or your money returned (*less shipping - Refunds are for one bottle purchase only. Bulk or multiple bottles used are not refundable).
NOTE: **The effectiveness of Paradophilus Living Streams Probiotic depends upon your particular health condition. Although Paradophilus Living Streams Probiotic is very effective, if your condition is chronic (long standing) it may take a longer period of time and higher applications to bring optimum results. The 2 and 4 oz bottles are good for general conditions such as frequent colds or flu, and other minor health problems. The 8 and 32 oz bottles are for chronic or serious acute conditions such as infections, internal conditions as described above, etc.

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Default Paradophillus Testamonials Part 1

Paradophillus Testimonials

Living Streams Probiotics
We welcome any and all Testimonials: Just Email your testimonial or fax to 413-669-5113, and we'll add it to our website!

NEW: Living Streams Probiotic is the reason I'm still able to work.
Last fall I went to NYC to meet with Dr. Jay Adlersberg, a premier expert on arthritis. He is doing research at the Hospital for Special Surgery on different types of arthritis. I was in his office 15 minutes and he diagnosed me with having psoriatic arthritis. After a full series of joint x rays, to see the progress of the disease, he offered Me a $15k treatment to counter the TNF factor found in the blood of folks with this type of arthritis as well as rheumatoid arthritis.. Because, it contained a protein from a mouse, I was afraid to take it. Without this treatment, he said I would become disabled by March of this year. I've fought that with everything I have and know.
I'd been struggling since Thanksgiving 2004 with constant ear infections and living on anti-biotics And anti-fungals. The ear infections had aspergillus and a bacteria. I had peace for only a short time with these medications. (~$2k was spent last year alone!) Then they stopped working. So I started popping acidophilus chewtabs and taking the special new Dannon yoghurt. I've spent more money on this stuff than one can imagine or would want to. I had mentioned all the airborne mold & the black mold in my ears to Sam and then he related that told you.
I had been complaining about the mold coming out of the Meadowlands here which is similar to the Florida Everglades . I had this awful feeling of a sticky mold in my mouth at the top of my throat but below the jawline. So I found a special Dr. Katz toothpaste, a gargle as well as a different nasal rinse. Was using the Dr. Katz stuff which helped but was so hard to take, as it was very strong, contained peroxide and it added about 1 hour to my daily morning preparations.
I've not been well until I started on your Living Streams Probiotic. I'd started using it a few weeks back And I got this terrible burning in my hand right were I had a psoriatic arthritis spot starting. Those spots are on five other joints. Not 6 as I was afraid. Some are healing now. It burned so hot as though someone had a match lit under my hand. I was taking a few drops regularly morning and night.. Then I decided to take a capful. It was a couple of days later that I noticed the burning and that continued for a couple of days. The bump on my pinkie knuckle is gone and now only a little pink spot, the size of the top of a pin remains. I also took a few drops in my ears and wow. I could hear again.
One of the guys in the office laughed when he saw me put some in my ears, but 5 minutes later I could hear again. So I do that regularly now. I gave it to my sister, my dad tried it. And a few other folks as well. Praise Him from whom all blessings flow!!! I'm truly grateful and will help others too where and when I can.
M. B., Eastern Sales Manager
Lyme Disease Testimonial MP3 audio recording

Genesis Communications Network, Power Hour radio telecast Testimonial MP3 audio recording

Saves Doctor's life in hospital
As a doctor, I have recently witnessed the incredible healing power of a new product called ParadophilusTM from Living Streams Probiotic SolutionsTM which has absolutely astounded me. A dear friend and colleague had been fighting an aggressive antibiotic resistant infection. His blood labs presented a picture of a serious life threatening situation which was not responding to conventional treatment with one of the most potent antibiotics available. He was following a treatment protocol of Vancomycin IV infusion at high dosage twice daily for ten days and his condition continued to worsen.
He started taking ParadophilusTM on the 12th day both orally and topically. To our amazement, within a few hours he actually began to feel better. By the next day his blood labs began to normalize and within 72 hours he was released from the hospital with a full recovery.
Exactly how this product worked so quickly in such a serious situation is beyond my understanding. But that doesn't matter. What matters is that it worked! This is one of the most exciting discoveries I have ever seen. I look forward to seeing miraculous results like this in my practice giving new hope to otherwise seemingly hopeless patients.
Dr. Allison Ashley, M.D. 

Paradophilus cured my cat's ringworm.
My 13 year-old female cat suffered for months with "ringworm" fungus on her back.
The veterinarian prescribed "MicaVed", a toxic nitrate drug that seemed to burn her when I applied it. (She would run if she saw the bottle in my hand.) This drug would ever so slowly reduce the size of the fungal lesions while generating a scab-like covering. It had to be applied twice a day, which soon became "torture" sessions for both me and "Rags". After about three weeks the lesions had diminished to the point that I felt like we had won the battle, so I stopped applying the drug. Within one week they were back!
So, we began again and went through another cycle, same thing--looked like it was cleared-up, we stopped, back it came, a real nightmare!
I, and several of my clients, had been using Paradophilus for a variety of health concerns.
I took notice of an older woman's reports of the much improved thrush (fungus) problem in her mouth and throat. She said she had noticed improvement within two days of spraying three sprays twice a day. So I began to wonder if Rags' fungus might not also be systemic.
I began to give her six drops (in tuna juice) once a day. I had given up on the MicaVed a couple of days earlier. In two days I realized the fungus was not getting any worse. In a week she was much improved and clearly healing fast. At three weeks she had no trace of ringworm, her inflamed gums were now a healthy pink, and amazingly, she was running and playing like a youngster and started to gain weight. That was two months ago and there have been no signs of that horrid fungus returning. We both are very happy with Paradophilus and we both will continue to use it every day.
Thanks for providing us with this wonderful product.
Michael Easter

Mold problem helped
For the past month I have been taking new products. One is a probiotic that is unlike any other probiotic that is on the market at this time. The Lord opened doors for me to be put in the path of the researcher, Wayne Blakeley, who developed the probiotic and other products. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!! I have experienced more improvement than I can even begin to share as a result of taking his products. It is killing the mold toxins!!! (as well as restoring my body in many areas). I am SOLD on the product and Wayne has been most generous with his time and knowledge to do all he can for me to regain my health. "He knows his stuff"... as my dad would have said. He is also a Christian who loves the Lord and has a greater desire to help people who are suffering than to have a huge income. I am continually amazed at Wayne's vast knowledge on treating so many illnesses and seeing people's health restore when in most cases physicians are only putting a band-aid on...if that...and often saying there is no cure for your situation....And to think I was told by a top specialist in Nashville: "MS ...and/or... Transverse mylitis"... be prepared, in time, for a wheel chair and not to improve!! GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME
If any of you know any one that is struggling with health issues, I would be more than willing to share any info with you about the probiotic. It is unbelievable!!!! So many people who could not walk or stand for very long...as well as so many other health issues .....are now experiencing more quality of life! (NO I AM NOT SELLING THE PRODUCT!!!) You do NOT have to stop taking any medications you may be on to take this probiotic. It is all natural.
Thank you for allowing me to share this with you!
Gary and I appreciate your friendship and the love you have shown to us. Genuine friends and prayers are priceless treasures to us!!! Thank you all so much.
With Love and appreciation,
Wanda and Gary

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Default Paradophillus Testamonials Part 2

Chronic Sinus infection
I was introduced to the probiotic by my brother --------. After a lifetime of chronic sinus infections exacerbated by seasonal allergies, which have significantly affected my quality of life, treatments have expanded from multiple and repeated courses of antibiotics with attendant undesirable side effects to complementary modalities which at best provide short and unsustained relief.
In the medical literature one can find studies on probiotics; unfortunately because of the poor quality of the products presently available on the market the studies have been none-definitive. Nevertheless, with this background, I felt reassured that probiotics are safe for local and systemic use.
I first began by using the probiotic as a nasal spray. I was impressed by the amelioration of allergy symptoms and more significantly, its ability to treat sinus infections. Interestingly, I began to notice other highly desirable improvements in my health. I have a history of mild irritable bowel syndrome and shortly after initiating the probiotic, the gastrointestinal symptoms resolved. Now I enjoy dairy products and meat with no concern.
During this time period, I also sustained a deep cut to my hand. Because of significant blood supply in this area, stitches would be required to stop the profuse bleeding. Being aware that probiotics have antiseptic properties, I decided to spray the wound while I considered a trip to the emergency room.
To my delight, the bleeding stopped and by the following morning the deep tissue layers had approximated and the wound only appeared as a superficial cut. Of note, the cut ultimately healed without a scar.
The probiotic also exhibits detoxification properties which over time detoxify organs, improving the immune system and creating robust health. I am experiencing the benefits of increased energy and overall well-being.
Vicky, in California. Medical Doctor

eliminated bad breath
I personally had used the Therabreath health products from the California Breath Clinics for many years to solve my bad breath problems because of the overactive bad bacteria on the back of my tongue (almost always the problem causing anyone's bad breath). To my knowledge they may be the world's best experts on bad breath, having pioneered some of the most effective solutions all the way to market and with an exhaustive amount of research and experience behind them for over a decade. Even so, their solutions although good, are suggested to only last for about 8 hours which has been my experience before I need to start concerning myself again about my breath.
Many months ago I started taking the Probiotic formula and haven't used the Therabreath products since. In a nutshell:
0. It's Simpler
0. Less time consuming
0. Lasts a lot longer (would you believe weeks?)
0. Doesn't cost as much
0. Many other side benefits
Along the lines of the other side benefits, after I started brushing my teeth with it I noticed that my teeth were as smooth as glass right away as if the dentist had just cleaned them.
David, Kansas City, MO

Multiple issues resolved
1. I have a problem with bad breath and after using your product orally, my wife and chiropractor both informed that I no longer had the previous symptoms associated with bad breath. As a side benefit I brushed my teeth with the product and it removed plaque from the teeth, with one noticeable "chunk" measuring a1/4" by 3/8".
2. I have had a rash in the bend of my elbows and tried using the product on the skin and the itching and rash were alleviated. I have had no further symptoms except the rash moved further up from the area where the application was made and I applied the product there and again the rash was alleviated.
3. I also have taken the product internally and have noticed that I am not as bloated as I had been in the past. It did a thorough cleaning of my digestive tract and I continue to use it on a regular basis internally.
Sincerely yours,
Doug, Kansas City, MO

I am writing this testimony to inform other people of the things that I have found to improve my bodily functions.
I originally thought my digestive system was fine. I took small amount of probiotics and found myself in the rest room several times a day. After about a week I leveled out to one or two times a day. No bad stools it just seemed normal and no cramps or problems.
For about ten years I have had a problem with my adrenal gland and heart miss beating or fast beating at times. I was told it was caused with problems with my pancreas. A sticky valve or fluid backing up, Something like that. Now my heart beating problem went away, and have had none for about two weeks now. I was on the product about one month before I realized it had stopped.
I have bad teeth and for twenty years have had infected teeth and very bad breath. (being a smoker too) after I brushed my teeth and tongue with the product the infected tooth on my right upper seemed to have less pain when biting down on food or a sandwich. After about a week my bad breath seemed to be completely gone. My wife loves it, she can kiss me now and my teeth have very little or no infection.
Different types of food like pancakes and rolls would affect me, making me sleepy. I have been allergic to chocolate for years. If I were to eat 2 candy bars I would wake up with a major headache. I tried eating lots of chocolate one night and in the morning no side affects from the chocolate.
I can now eat any kind of food and have no effect on the way I feel. I have more energy in a consistent manner.
Wayne, Kansas City

Helped my dog
My Yorkie Terrier, BJ, is nine years old. For about three or more years now he occasionally will yelp as if in pain and hold up his right rear leg. This happens randomly when he is only walking across the room. He has not been able to jump up on the sofa or even the lower height of my recliner footrest for several years also. He has always been on the thin side and has had a poor appetite. We frequently would feed him one bite of food at a time by hand to get him to eat. Occasionally he would vomit after eating, This has gone on for years. He has had ongoing bad breath, which I assume is normal. It has been more severe lately due to a bad tooth that our vet said should be pulled. I have had to have his teeth cleaned regularly besides the brushing I did to keep the bad breath somewhat bearable. We have had to let him out every two hours to urinate even throughout the night.
I recently was introduced to your Probiotics. As suggested, I have been putting drops in his water bowl each time I refill it and I started brushing his teeth with it instead of the toothpaste I got from my vet.
Here are the changes and results I have seen in BJ:
1. After one brushing (without toothpaste) his breath is absolutely odorless.
2. Also, his bad tooth which had a visible brown spot and secretion now looks completely white and you can see the damaged area which has no brown, only white, with some of the enamel missing. His gum above the tooth was also dark and it cleared up to a nice pink color almost immediately.
3. Within days he had a couple of larger than normal stools that were darker than usual (almost black).
4. His appetite has been one of the biggest changes. No more hand feeding and he is eating way more food than he ever did without any coaxing whatsoever. He used to selectively eat only certain pieces of his dog food mix. There were some types of pieces in the mix he would never eat. Now he eats everything we give him and often cleans his plate up regardless of what type of mix we give him.
5. He has only vomited once in the over two months we have been using the Probiotics and that was a few minutes after he had been outside eating tall grass that needed mowing.
6. Also, I remember he would pass gas and literally run everyone out of the room but this doesn't ever happen anymore either.
7. A big change for me is he no longer wakes me every two hours to go outside to urinate. He now sleeps throughout the night and so do I.
8. And the biggest change of all. He runs around like never before, he jumps up on all the furniture, he is like a young pup again. And all this with (apparently) no pain, no yelping, no lifting his right rear foot (not even once) since using the Probiotics.
I should also mention that BJ had his first seizure a couple of months before we began using the Probiotics but has not had a second one yet. Time will tell if this is another benefit.
I wish we had had this available to us when we had our first Yorkie, Butternut, who had some of the same symptoms as BJ plus frequent seizures in his last years.
E. D. Missouri

My Name is Nancy ----- and I been a professional Dog Groomer for 39 years. I have 4 Yorkshire Terriers ranging in age from 4-10 years, all females and all spayed. Yorkies in general have a problem with their upper and lower digestive system and will vomit at a drop of a hat and have a very disgusting diarrhea, which can partially consist of a jelly like substance. I have been having problems with one of my dogs for just about all her life. She is 6 years old and about 6.5 lb. I started out ... with 5 drops of the probiotic product. Then I noticed that she stopped having an upset stomach and no diarrhea and her stomach was swollen before and now it is flat. And all my dogs, even the older ones started to feel better. Then I decided to give them a little more of the probiotic product so I double the amount of drops in their water. And they started to feel even BETTER. It has been 8 weeks since I started the probiotics and there have been absolutely no side effects. I also have been cleaning their teeth with the probiotic's and it seems to be removing the tartar and keeping their breath fresh.
Nancy, Kansas City


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