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Default Chiropractic for fibromyalgia

I'm new today on this website, so this may have already been discussed in the past. I've suffered with fibromyalgia for years - pain, sick, exhausted. My doctors at Kaiser insisted it was all psychosomatic and tried to push me to take Neurontin, which I refused. I tried several different prescription painkillers, but they did little for me. High doses of ibuprofen helped, but an endoscopy revealed major redness down my entire GI tract. In May 2010, I saw an ad for an upper cervical specific chiropractor in my area who specializes in chronic pain - fibro, migraines, sciatica, many others. It's been slow, painful, and expensive, but it's also been like a miracle. He's given me back my life, no exaggeration! I'm not completely OK yet, but I'm walking without a cane now, my pain levels are greatly reduced, I feel much less sick, my vertigo and balance problems are better, my blood pressure has dropped, lots more energy. He also encouraged me to check deeply into the side effects of my prescriptions and I found that lisinopril causes many of my symptoms and when I quit taking it, my pain levels dropped even more. I would like to encourage anyone with chronic pain issues to consider an upper cervical chiropractor who uses infrared thermography as a diagnostic tool. It requires two years of additional training so they're not easy to find, but, based on my personal experience, well worth the search. Hope this helps others.

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Welcome and thanks for sharing. I'll pass this information to my sister-in-law. She tried a chiropractor, but maybe everyone has different symptoms/causes for fibro. Now she is working with someone who works with bioidentical hormones. It seems to be working. I'll let her know that she should check her prescriptions, if she has any.
- Jim
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I found that drugs.com gave good info, but you need to go to the deepest level of looking for possible side effects. For lisinopril I think I found nine pages! All chiropractors are not alike and one who hasn't had the specialized training in upper cervical adjustments may do more harm than good. Sure hope it helps.
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Hi JanH, welcome to the forum. I'm very happy to hear that you've found some relief from your symptoms and I thank you for sharing your experience and advice with us here. My friend, who is an elderly woman, found that taking the supplement Magnesium Malate from Source Naturals helped with her fibro pain.
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I have read a number of testimonials where fibro has been significantly helped by MMS.

I think that the causes of fibro are varied... Fibromyalgia is a symptom picture not an acutal disease. Because your gut lining is red you have to think inflammation, and if you are thinking inflammation you should be thinking pathogens as a cause. A 3 week course of MMS will tell you much.. you could also familiarize yourself with low dose naltrexone.

as far as the chiropractic goes, if I did not have a good chiro. in my life I would be pretty miserable... if the symtpoms were allowed to develop through misalignments in my neck and sacrum I would suffer from and have suffered from much of what you speak of. I have learned the consequences of misalignment and how to keep out of pain. It is a much bigger deal than most people understand.

there is the possibility that you have more than one issue going on. You could also look into the idea the your fibro is caused by Lyme disease, if not other pathogens.. there are a number of docs who feel that many cases of fibro are caused by lyme. There is a fairly simple cure for lyme that I have posted on this forum.. just search Lyme cure. The standard tests for lyme cannot be trusted. they produce false negatives repeatedly.
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