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Default Sound Therapy for Parkinson's Disease

Several small studies have suggested that music therapy can slow the progression of Parkinson's. One of the best known clinical trials, from Italy, found that music therapy positively affected movement, emotions and quality of life among a small group of patients.

Other research has suggested that some types of music can stimulate production of dopamine and serotonin, another neurochemical involved in Parkinson's. There's not one type of music that helps everyone. Music therapists report that with each patient, they must try various rhythms or music styles to see which ones help with walking, balance, and movement.

However, sometimes slow, rhythmic music can help promote relaxation and sleep among patients who would otherwise be wakened by involuntary movements.

Consider working with a music therapist to investigate whether music benefits you (to learn more, visit the American Music Therapy Association at www.musictherapy.org). On your own, however, you can listen to various types of music to see what helps you move, prompts you to sing (and thus strengthens your voice) or helps you relax and sleep.
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Quote from the article above:

While there's no cure for Parkinson's, a variety of drugs including L-Dopa (Levodopa) and Sinemet (Carbidopa) can slow its progression and help manage symptoms. L-Dopa is converted to dopamine in the brain. Sinemet prevents L-Dopa from being broken down before it reaches the brain.

There is no "mainstream medical" cure, and there never will be, however there are alternative cures, even for Parkinson's, which consists of chelation of heavy metals from the brain, as well as major diet changes, as well as supplements such as alpha lipoic acid and flooding the body with nutrients from organic foods.
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