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Default Jim Humble Speaks About Genesis Church

I just received this email today. It tells of how the Genesis Church, recently formed by Jim Humble, can assist you in protecting your health care rights. Under the protection of the Church you will be able to refuse vaccines, use MMS, refuse forced insurance and support freedom in Health Care around the world.

Church membership costs $20 and goes towards the promotion of the church's doctrines of health and healing.

If you have been a strong MMS supporter and educator, as some of us on this forum have been, you may want to seriously consider taking the training course.

Here is a statement from Jim Humble written after the FDA warning came out.
.................................................. ..................................................

FDA-approved drugs cause death

225,000 people died last year after taking one or more drugs approved by the FDA and prescribed by a doctor. (Some agencies report a much greater number; depends upon what agency is reporting.)

No, these people do not die as a natural progression of their disease, whatever it might be. These human beings die as a result of taking prescribed drugs. The action of the drug kills them. The drug Vioxx, for example, killed 60,000 people before the FDA took it off the market. These death reports are on the internet. Just look them up under �Medical drugs and death.�

The public has brain-washed itself, with the help of endless commercials manipulated by powerful Pharmaceutical interests, into believing that drug deaths are a natural result of illness, and that the deaths are inevitable. The public so desperately wants to believe that these drugs will work that they are willing to risk death. The FDA wants to make money so badly that it puts millions of people at risk daily, taking drugs that have caused the death of hundreds of thousands each year. THESE DEATHS ARE NOT NECESSARY. There is not a single drug on the market that will heal; they only treat symptoms, and most often ineffectively. Sorry, I've just got to say it, that is murder, plain and simple. I must mention that if most people take better care of themselves by knowing the facts, these astronomical numbers would be significantly reduced overnight.

The FDA just recently issued a warning against MMS
They did not conduct tests, refer to the actual chemistry, or consult with experts. Instead, they listened to several reports from individuals who 'thought that they might have had a bad reaction from MMS'. The FDA did nothing more than respond to these allegations, according to their own report. What about the thousands of reports of benefit from MMS users?

What about the National Institute of Health Report done by Judith R. Lubbers, Sudha Chauan, and Joseph
R. Bianchine back in 1982 where, with double blind clinical trials, they proved that ingesting chlorine dioxide had no ill effects on the human body. Look it up yourself. Click here:


More than 5 million people have tried MMS, and it is being used worldwide in Europe, in Asia, in Africa, and a thousand other places on earth. The FDA receives a couple of 'iffy' statements from �several� consumers, and now they are doing their best to take MMS off of the market!

Why is that? Why do you think the FDA wants to remove MMS from the market?




Years ago the FDA convinced the public and college students (those are the easiest to convince) that you need to have double blind and triple blind tests in a laboratory and that you needed to start out testing rats to prove that they get well first. By the time you finish with those tests you have spent a few hundred million dollars and a few years. And that is the way that they discourage most others from ever even trying to complete those tests. They are extremely expensive, and the prohibitive cost will most often result in a person giving up before definitive results are possible.

I proved, in the jungle, in the city, and anywhere people are sick around the world, that you don�t have to spend money. It is only the results that count. I know it is ridiculously simple, so much so that it scares me to mention it. When I needed to prove MMS2 and I had a sick person to treat, I myself took a little tiny bit, and then some more, and then more, and when it didn�t harm me, I gave it to the sick person to see if it would work. And guess what? Sick people everywhere got well. When I asked them, �How are you feeling", they told me, �Great.� Do you see? It�s so much easier to work with people because they can talk. You can�t ask a rat how he feels and it�s an expertise that I don�t have, finding out how a rat feels.

So I short circuited the testing program by millions of dollars and many years. Then, for the fun of it, I asked a few people who were cured of cancer if they would rather have risked dying while I performed the correct rat program with double blind and triple blind tests. Not one of them would have preferred to risk dying while we spent years completing those tests.

Just so you know, and not to brag at all, I have successfully given more than 5000 sick people MMS by personally handing the solution to each person. On the occasions when I had assistance, I was there on the spot supervising. Also, I treated 5000 more suffering humans by email and telephone. I can safely say at this point that I have seen more people cured of incurable diseases than anyone else has. And I have answered more than 30,000 emails and my secretary a similar number.

Now let me introduce myself to you once again. I am BISHOP JAMES V HUMBLE of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. I started the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing for the purpose of health and healing. It is legally formed. I was a Bishop first and then I created the Church. I started a few years ago as a Minister and eventually was consecrated as a Bishop in a lineage of Bishops leading back to Christ. This church I have formed is not a spiritual church, it is a church of Health and Healing for Mankind. That�s what we are doing now and that is what we will be doing --Healing.

That is a legitimate activity for a church. Our ministers heal as ministers should -- at no cost. For free. They depend upon donations to continue their Ministry. We don�t try to teach religious truths. We teach healing using our cleansing solution -- the solution that the FDA seeks to remove from the market. And we teach truths related to spiritual and physical healing and personal integrity.

We heal 98% of the diseases of mankind. Again, the evidence is on the Internet, and Bishop Jim (that�s me) has often been in Africa, healing diseases there. Most recently, in Africa, I treated 800 HIV/AIDS cases successfully. You might know that there are no tests to prove that HIV is cured because antibodies for the disease will always be present and antibodies are what they test for. However, what I did prove was that all of their symptoms were gone and they were back to work. Forty cases of cancer were gone, 50 cases of numb legs and feet were gone, 5 heart diseases were gone, a dozen cases of malaria that previously wouldn�t go away were now gone, Hepatitus C symptoms were gone, and all these cases were verified by the local hospital. And of course, there were several dozen other symptoms caused by HIV that were gone as well.

Please join us and help with this important work! See the links at the bottom of this page.

I made complete records, and I have 750 phone numbers of those cured. I can make some or all of these phone numbers available to anyone wishing to verify the actual cures of these people. They all have phones. They are in Malawi. Most of them speak a little English. Hospitals won�t give out data, but most of the people speak enough to say how they are feeling. You can call them if you want, but you will need to come here.

Now you can be protected against forced vaccination of yourself and your children, and against forced insurance. That will include dozens of other suppressions such as dangerous health-destroying, altered foods that the government and companies such as Monsanto are trying to force onto us. We will have health food stores in our churches that are not restricted by Codex Alimentarious.

To join, please see the links at the bottom of this page.

To belong to the Genesis 2 Church:

All you have to do is believe in GOOD DEEDS, HEALING, AND ALWAYS DOING WHAT IS RIGHT. The Genesis 2 Church will stand between those who want to kill us and the people. As time goes by, it will protect us from gigantic oil spills done on purpose, terrorist acts like diseases created in laboratories, vaccinations that destroy the health of children and adults, chemical trails in the sky, altered foods of all kinds, laws against home schooling of children, and the US government that confiscates 5 billion dollars� worth of private property each year with no chance of its recovery (See the Civil Forfeiture Act of 2000, HR1658) AND OF COURSE, dozens of other evils too numerous to mention here.

Down through the thousands of years, churches have continually claimed that they are working to save mankind. But we are the first church that can in fact actually heal thousands of people and thousands of diseases. We prove it daily. If you are sick, let us heal you for free.
Here's how it might go:

Genesis II Minister: Would you like to be free of your (cancer, malaria, TB, HIV)?
Ill Person: Yes, I would. I�m tired of this pain and disability.
Genesis II Minister: What would it be worth to you, to be free of it, to be healed?
Ill Person: In terms of money? A million dollars!
Genesis II Minister: (grins) But could you pay a million dollars for your healing?
Ill Person: Oh. Well, no, but I could pay you fifty dollars and I�d be glad to do that if you actually do heal me so I can put my life back together.
Genesis II Minister: OK, then would you be willing to donate $50 to the Genesis II Church after you�ve been really healed?
Ill Person: Yes, I would, if my symptoms are gone and I feel good and I can go back to work.
Genesis II Minister: Right. Let�s agree then: I�ll heal you and you donate $50 to our Church after you�re healed.
Ill Person: Yes. It�s a deal.

But most important is that you join our church, the
Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing.

If you join our church, you will receive our protection and our beliefs that you must not be vaccinated and all the other benefits of our Church. We train a new class of Ministers of Health every 60 days here in the Dominican Republic or you can choose to take our DVD ministers training course and work at home. People who take our training become Ministers of Health. They minister health to the world. Our ministers are the most unusual people that the world has ever seen. They leave here with the ability to heal more than 95% of the ills of mankind. The day will come that a Minister of Health will command a great deal more respect than a doctor and soon.

The DVD ministers training course is a home study course and we will make sure that you are fully trained before you receive your certificate. We do this by our unique training and testing plan. When you receive our test, we will know by your answers if you really know the data. If not, we will continue to train you until you do know it.You can�t fail because we will keep training you until you succeed. (See bottom of page for links)
Fifty percent of all the net income of the Genesis 2 Church is put into a protection fund to hire lawyers and other people to protect our members. We expect to have a really large fund for this purpose and all of the church's money of the church is accounted for. The church is run on a completely transparent basis with financial reports to our members. When our protection fund is large, governments will not be able to interfere in the rights of our people, because we will have the lawyers and other people to insure our rights.

Our Minister of Health Training Class

The next training course starts on the 20th of September, and the training course after that will be on the 25th of October. The cost of the first week of training is $1000, which includes room and board. (If you don't have the money and you need a discount in order to come, we will make sure you can afford it. Talk to us. You will be surprised.)

The second week of training includes 3 days in the local villages or at a clinic on the Haitian border and this training includes your Doctor of MMS certificate (see below). The cost is $500 for the second week which includes room and board. If you spend at least 3 days helping the people of the villages (Mark will be with) you will also receive a certificate of Doctor of MMS if you pass the MMS training course test. You have unlimited time to pass the test. But you must know the data in order to pass the test.

These are the certificates that you will receive for completing the training given here:
1. Certificate of Completion of the course.
2. Certificate of Minister of Health you can use Rev. in front of your name legally
3. Certificate of Membership in the Church
4. Certificate of Authorization to open your own Chapter of the Church
5. Church Plastic ID Card
6. Those completing the second week of at least 3 days ministering to the local people will Receive a Doctor of MMS Certificate and you can legally use Doctor in front of your name or Doctor of MMS after your name. Also you can use Rev. Dr. in front of your name. You must also past the questionnaire for MMS training.

DVD Minister of Health Training Course

The DVD Minister of Health training course includes all of the above certificates when completed. The cost of the course is $350 plus. It includes transcripts of one complete training course, and complete DVDs. However, at this time, all Dr. of MMS certificates will be issued only to those who complete the 3 days of treating local villagers. The cost is � price for those who are taking or have taken the DVD course which is $350. It should be done here in the DR, but could also be done in other parts of the world where you may live. To qualify, it must be a third world country.

DR Training week one ------------------------- -----------------$1,000
DR Training Week two includes DR. MMS Cert. ----------------------$500
DVD complete MMS Training (from two seminars) -- you get all certificates except Doctor (for which you must come to DR and treat villagers in a third world country) ---------------------------------------------- $350
Genesis 2 Church Membership with ID card -----------$20

To come to the one or two week training course in the Dominican Republic, please email [email protected] or [email protected]

Or you can call Mark Grenon at 1-809439 3698 (country code required from the US)

For details on the training course, please go to www.mmstrainingcourse.com

To join our church, please call Mark at the above phone number or email him at [email protected]

Jim Humble�s book and DVD -- www.miraclemineral.org

If you would like to speak to Jim Humble, please call Mark Grenon at the above number and ask for Jim�s phone number. It�s OK.
Project Green Life (www.projectgreenlife.com/) has opted to bow down to the FDA and recall all the bottles of MMS that they have ever sold.
There is no reason for this, as it has already been proved in double blind tests that MMS does no harm. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved.

But Project Green Life has chosen to frighten thousands of Americans
and other citizens of the world by claiming that they believe what the FDA has NOT proved. I am sorry to report this. But people who have saved thousands have now chosen to betray them. However, the fact still remains that MMS has been used by millions. Hundreds of thousands have improved their health and hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved.

As always with love
Jim Humble
"The nurse should be cheerful, orderly, punctual, patient, full of faith, - receptive to Truth and Love" Mary Baker Eddy
Visit www.HealthSalon.org
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Here is a little something you should know about.

I recently watched part 2 of a documentary called “Guns, Germs and Steel” based on the work of Jared Diamond, (available from NetFlex) an anthropologist who studied the concepts of these three forms of weapons to take over empires by invading forces.

In the documentary he travels to Africa and ends up visiting a city hospital in Zaire. He talks with the doctor. She works in the pediatric unit where children go to get treated for and dye from malaria. She shows Professor her records. About 7 children die in her unit every day, mostly under the age of 5 from Malaria. The drugs do not work. Professor Diamond breaksdown in tears.

He goes on to say that the population growth in Afriac is -1%, and these deaths from my investigations are due to diseases like malaria and HIV as well as famine and war.
The population is so overhelmed by death and the constant struggle that they do not progress economically or socially.

The World Health Organization is aware of MMS and that it cures malaria. They prefer to continue to use the drugs that do not work and allow these children to die. Remember these 7 children a day are just one hospital. Thousands and thousands of children a year die from Malaria in Africa.

Now you might be asking why? Why has the W.H.O. refused MMS? ... I tell you right now it has nothing to do with clinical trials and approvals.

Let me tell you people. The W.H.O. is part of a population reduction campanign not only for Africa, where the natural resources are so coveted, but for the whole world.

They have been responsible for the import of HIV tainted vaccines to Africa also. Jim Humble says MMS helps with the kind of HIV found in Africa.

So it seems to me that the W.H.O. finds this -1% growth rate adventageous, they are not really combating it when they could.

The W.H.O. is an arm for the New World Order so expounded by President Bush Senior, Henry Kissinger and so many others. It is a political arm of the United Nations.

If you think the N.W.O. is just some prattle from conspiracy theorists you need to get on to YOUTUBE and watch the series of videos called “Invisibe Empire” then you will see how the N.W.O. concept is spoken of in the halls of the United Nations and our own US government.

This N.W.O. is a long term strategie. They are patient. A -1% growth rate for Africa is sufficint for them. In 30 years the population will be reduced by at least 30 percent, considering the life expectancy for deep central Africa is only about 35 years.

Wake up people!
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