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One thing that I always look at when reviewing the "gospel truth" of things like this, is look at where the "reports" are coming from. [gov/oxford.journals=traditional med] Now, you know that big farm. will go to extremes to discredit anything that threatens the wealth-machines, so don't be surprised to see clinical or research studies that appear to be impressive.

Another thing that I found interesting about the report that is posted above, is it's use of Chlorine; a known poison to humans, this has been tested and known since back in the 1930's, though I assume that it's dilution might be made weak enough for a safe threshold in the body...but considering it's side effects, I'd still question it from it's base elemental structure; being a harsh "poison"

To use CHLORINE in trials on humans? Seriously, who in their right mind would take on such liabilities when it's has already been well documented as a "poison" in rat studies... What's the purpose or "real" motive here? Is the motive to try to establish cross associations with chlorine dioxide.. that would be like comparing apples to oranges.

The 3 chemicals used are water purifiers, but their actions are quiet different with a versatility of usefulness, such as the difference of chem. structure and electron-bonding capabilities, which the above report certainly does not center upon for obvious reasons?

The past reports of established damages of chlorine to humans are older than most of us here, as they go back many years, and today, there are many cities in the world that have gotten "away" from the use of Chlorine in drinking water treatment and are using massive ozone water purifier systems instead.
Frankly, If you sit back and seriously evaluate the above posted report, the validity of it falls apart, in my opinion.

There are other "studies" and investigative chem. reports into the use of MMS.
Here is one site that I've found informative ~


You'll find a youtube video about half way down the page that is very informative too.

I also believe that Dr.John Humiston has much to contribute with his years of experience with clinical use of MMS in his treatments of diseases. He has several video's as educational tools to try to help those who wants to really know the truth about MMS being an effective cure for many diseases.
Here is the first video in his online educational series:


The truth is there...and available to those who seriously seeks it, but if anyone is a determined conscientious objector, then their motive would naturally be for lime-lite rather than truth.
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