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Default New to MMS and getting Heartburn

Hi everyone. I started the MMS protocol about a week ago and started with one drop, twice daily. I had worked my way up to 9 drops and finally got very ill this morning. I realize that's normal, but for the past few days I've also started developing heartburn. It seems the MMS/citric acid is a bit too acidic for me. I'm going to start taking this with more fluids, but has anyone else experienced this? I did a search and could only find where it cured heartburn, not caused it. Thanks in advance!
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I would take a break for a couple of days till the heartburn goes away then follow Jims new protocol of taking 3 drops 6 times a day and see if you do better.
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My father cut his prilosec (he's been taking for 30 years) cold turkey and started MMS. No heartburn at all except for when he stops taking it. I would stay with it.
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