Yoga Lowers Blood Pressure

Harry Hirsute

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Apr 12, 2006
Propecia, CA
PALM SPRINGS, Calif., Aug. 24 (UPI) -- A U.S. review of 12 published randomized trials found favorable effects of mind-body therapies on blood pressure -- with yoga the most beneficial.

Ather Ali, Dr. David L. Katz and Michael B. Bracken of Yale University conducted a systematic review to assess the efficacy of mind-body therapies -- mediation, yoga and visualization -- versus placebo or active control in the treatment of hypertension.

The review found mind-body therapies significantly reduced systolic blood pressure by a mean 11.52 mm Hg and diastolic blood pressure by 6.83 mm Hg. Significant results were seen in systolic blood pressure reductions by yoga and meditation therapy, while only yoga therapies demonstrated significant reductions in diastolic blood pressure.