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whipple surgery weight loss


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Mar 6, 2012
Hi, my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last spring. Soon after she got whipple surgery, and most of the tumor was removed. Since then she's been losing weight pretty fast. Her goal is to gain weight- but she's struggling because it's hard to eat a lot at once, since her stomach is now a lot smaller.

She's on a diet of organic and high calorie food, like she uses a lot of coconut oil in cooking for example.

Wer'e looking for ways to help her keep her weight and her strength up. All the doctors suggest is chemo, which is practically a death sentence in her case. According the the doctors, she doesnt have very long to live. Were basically looking for any good alternative treatment to combat the cancer-and also something to help her keep her weight up. Any suggestions or ideas would be great!